Prague Interbeauty 2011

Yesterday I attended the Prague Interbeauty exhibition. I already know that I can expect nothing exciting from these events in my country. I already know and often have at home collections which they call the latest. It is sometimes sad to see how everything comes so late to my country. Well I went there to at least buy some polishes and in this way I was successful.
Me and my friend Day (also a nail polish blogger) tried to ask the different brands if they cooperate with bloggers. This was just for fun, I was so curious about the reactions. You see bloggers and especially nail polish bloggers are not taken very seriously in my country. Well I don´t help that much too as I stopped blogging in Czech a long time ago. We got a very warm welcome at Sparitual. The girl there was very helpful, we talked for a while and it was very nice. On the other hand the woman at Essie was very funny. When I asked if they cooperate with bloggers, she just said " I don´t give nail polish for free!" I mean WTF? I never asked her for free nail polish! I know one thing for sure, I will never buy an Essie polish from the Czech representative. Oh and at the OPI stand I heard that Shatters are a huge hit right now in the States :)
But as I said the most important was nail polish shopping. Sadly I didn't buy anything from new collections :( Here is what I have:

CND Effects Emerald Shimmer (CZK 145,  $8.5)
Nubar Night Sparkle (CZK 50,  $3)
Nubar Violet Sparkle (CZK 50,  $3)
OPI Russian Navy (CZK 135,  $8)
Orly It´s Up To Blue (CZK 95,  $5.5)
Orly Lunar Eclipse (CZK 95,  $5.5)
Orly galaxy Girl (CZK 95,  $5.5)