China Glaze High Maintenance

What about a beautiful red jelly for Friday? I used two coats on the pictures. Wish you all a great weekend!

Illamasqua Nail Art Competition!

Recently Illamasqua has released their new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 called Human Fundamentalism. To celebrate the launch of this super exciting collection I am hosting a competition where you can win some amazing products from this collection. Read on for more details!

The Human Fundamentalism Collection brings us nail polish lovers two new Nail Varnishes - Stance and Nomad. I showed you my swatches of them here. Not only they look beautiful on their own but these two make a great couple. I showed you one look here and I did a very simple stripe look for you today. I am not very good at nail art but I love how simple this look is and it is so easy to do. I used Nomad and Stance and some tape. In the end I applied one coat of Illamasqua top coat. I love this look. 

Illamasqua is a brand full of inspiration. Every collection comes with amazing promo pictures which have a story behind them. I am sure that the new collection will inspire you to be creative. To help you Illamasqua is offering these beautiful products to encourage your imagination and help you create some beautiful Human Fundamentalism nails! And believe me, Stance and Nomad are really worth having in your nail polish collection.

Here is what you can win:

Precision Ink in Scribe
Nail Varnish in Nomad
Nail Varnish in Stance
Top and Base Coat

To take part click on the following link, fill in your details and answer the question:

Good luck to you all and a big thank to Illamasqua for offering these amazing prizes to my readers!

Competition closes online at 11.59pm GMT on Tuesday 3rd April 2012. 

China Glaze Make an Entrance

To all those who still follow me, even after my previous post :) I am glad you stayed with me and I bring you a beautiful pink today. This China Glaze colour is a beautiful true and bright pink. It covers almost in one coat, I did two here. Although I have tons of pinks this will go in front of my pink drawer where I keep my favourites.

China Glaze spam - sheer and light

I have some polishes here for you today that are not my taste much. I would not call them ugly but they just are not for me. You see, I don´t like sheer polishes much as I don´t like the way my nails look with them. I need full coverage. I also think that these kind of polishes look much better on shorter nails. So my today´s post is for all of you who like sheer polishes or have shorter nails. I used three to four coats on most of these. Hope I don´t scare you with my not perfectly white nails...











China Glaze Prismatic Chroma Glitters Collection 2012 - Swatches and Review

Today I have something very exciting for you. The newest China Glaze collection called Prismatic Chroma Glitter. There are six shades in this collection and here are my swatches. All of these are full of very small glitter particles which make the base colour and then larger round glitter in different colours.

The base colour of this polish is golden with a hint of green. The glitter in it is yellow, green, pink, silver, turquoise and orange. This one was the sheerest of the whole collection. I used three coats for this swatch and still not opaque.

Polarized is called Polarized in the press release I received but on the polish I have Polarizen. Anyway it is mostly silver with all the different colours of glitter. The coverage was better. I used two coats.

Wow, this one is amazing! One of my favourites. Just look at the close-up picture and you will love it. Liquid Crystal is light blue but it has a hint of purple in it and I absolutely love the combination. Great coverage in two coats.

Another favourite of mine, which is not a surprise because I love everything purple. It looks absolutely beautiful on the nails, so much sparkle! Two coats.

Full Spectrum is an elegant glitter if something like that exists :) It is full of beautiful colours but the main colour is a very light pink. Two coats.

A light green that also looks great and had full coverage in two coats. Although I am not a big fan of greens this one looks great for spring and I will for sure wear it too.

Overall a great collection for me! The only two shades that I am not liking much are the first two. They are less opaque and seem a bit boring when compared to the others. Although if they would be a part of a collection full of cremes I am sure I would like them more. My favourites are Prism and Liquid Crytsal. 
I had no problems with the application of these. You might think that opaque glitter must be thick or goopy but these were not. Most of them cover in two coats which is great. Although they look amazing on their own I am sure they will look great layered over black or over creme polishes of the same colour. I am planning to wear a light purple creme and then on my ring fingers layer Prism on top.
I really recommend you get at least one of these polishes because they are fun but don´t scream glitter into your face. You will love them.

China Glaze® Prismatic will be available April 2012.  Individual shades retail for $8 MSRP.  The collection will be available in a 3-D 12-piece counter display and as open stock colors. 

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company 

China Glaze Heart Of Africa

Happy Sunday to you all! What about China Glaze Heart Of Africa for today? I love the depth this polish has. It covers almost in one coat, I did two for this picture. Reminds me of Short & Sassy. Might do a comparison :)

China Glaze Coconut Kiss

I think I showed you this polish ages ago, but why not show you again? It is a beautiful purple that certainly deserves it. I really like Coconut Kiss although it is not flawless in terms of application. However once you get to know it, it is not so hard to handle (two coats on the picture) and the colour is certainly worth it. Don´t you think? Have a great weekend!

China Glaze Sex On The Beach

This rose pink is not really my type of colour but I still wanted to show you this swatch. Maybe it is a polish you have been looking for. Two coats on the picture.

China Glaze Caribbean Temptation

Want more amazing old China Glaze? Here is another one. I love this. The blue shimmer in the bright pink polish is just so beautiful. I am wearing two coats here.

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Nails

I already showed you the swatches of the two new polishes from Illamasqua here. Today I want to show you how I wear these together. First I apply two coats of Nomad, let it dry and then I continue with two coats of Stance leaving a little gap. I did this look freehand so you can see the imperfections, but you can´t notice them much when you wear it. Of course using those stickers for a french mani would help you to have it more perfect. For now I just wanted you to see how well Nomad and Stance look together. Love them.

China Glaze Fiji Fling

Fiji Fling is another colour that I didn´t know about and that you don´t see on blogs much. It is a coral pink and I like it. Two coats here. Hope you all have a great Sunday!