Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

The first time in my nail polish life I got the chance to try scented polish. I was excited about it and scared at the same time :) I usually don´t have problems with scented cosmetics, but nail polish? I couldn't believe that it could work. And guess what? It does. Here they are one by one (some of the bottles are stained with a green nail polish that broke in the package, sorry about that).

This is a very bright sheer yellow with shimmer. On the picture are three coats and still very visible nail line. I think it would be better layered over white.

Wow, such a beautiful neon green. And you really don´t hear me say "beautiful green" very often. Three coats.

This is maybe my least favourite, I think it didn't work very well with my skin tone. Still the formula was great, a bit sheer but not runny. Three coats.

This smells so nice! Like bubble gum. I love it! This polish is fun and so summery. It had great coverage, this was two coats. Must have for pink lovers that like bubble gum :)

Another beautiful vibrant shade. This was again three coats.

Great to see a purple in this collection and I liked its scent too. There is some VNL on the pictures after three coats but wasn't noticeable in real life.

I love this color. I think it is a dupe to Color Club Pure Energy which I wear a lot so I am happy to have it in a version with a nice scent. Three coats again. Just look at the shimmer, don´t you love it?

Overall a great collection. But beware, the polishes really have a scent, if you don´t like scented cosmetics, you might not like these. I liked it :) I also liked the choice of colors. Nothing unique here, they are the safe summer colors but I don´t mind. I love wearing neons and brights in summer. The Lime Starts Here would be a great pedi color, I can´t wait to try that.
As I already wrote, the formula was great. Some of these are sheer, so you would maybe like to use a white polish under, but they are not runny or streaky.
So what do you think? Are you going to get any or you don´t like scented nail polish?

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OPI Femme De Cirque Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

Today I have the new Soft shades from OPI for you. I was very curious about these because I found that I have very little polishes like this. I was missing such shades in the time when I was looking for a new job and I think such a shade should be a part of any nail polish collection, there are always events when you need these :) Talking about OPI and their soft shades reminds me that I need to get some of the polishes from the Princess Charming collection, I love those. Anyway, here is this year´s collection: 

This is a neutral white. It is not opaque, it is sheer. I really liked the effect with one coat. It looks like your nails but better. On this picture I used three coats.

This collection comes with a shimmering top coat. It has pink and purple shimmer and looks very pretty. You can not see the effect very much on these light shades though.

This is a sheer pink. I am sure it would look amazing on shorter nails than mine. It would make them look healthy. On me it doesn't look very pretty but I hope you get the idea of the color. This was four coats.

Again with the shimmering top coat. I will do a post about it, trying it on darker creme polishes, wait for that :)

This is the most opaque shade from this collection. This is three coats. It has a hint of pink and looks like it is my favourite.

These two look great together. Very pretty yet work appropriate.

One thing about these polishes. I think they would look MUCH better on shorter nails. I just didn't want to file my nails down because of them. I like their formula, they are not streaky and the first two look very pretty even in one coat. They make your nails look healthy and natural. Overall this is not a wow collection but colors like this never are for me. I still like it because there are times when these will be just perfect!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

China Glaze 108 Degrees Comparison

As promised today is a pink comparison. You asked me to compare China Glaze 108 Degrees (108D) with China Glaze Ahoy! (A) and China Glaze Strawberry Fields (SF). Ahoy! was the only one with two coats, the rest was three. I love pinks, especially in this time of the year so I am glad I have all of these. They are just perfect!

China Glaze Blue Iguana Comparison

I did some more comparisons with polishes from the Island Escape Collection from China Glaze. Today is the blue and tomorrow will be the pink (haha and when I posted this post I mixed up the names of these, sorry about the mix up). The polishes I was comparing were: OPI Yodel Me On My Cell (YMOMC) which was two coats, China Glaze Blue Iguana (BI) which was three coats and OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise (AT) which was four. These three are not very close but at least you get the idea of the differences and you can decide on which one you want.
Happy Easter to you all!

OPI Don´t Toy With Me

First, I wanted to apologize to you all for not posting as often as you are used to in the last few days. I have a new job and things have been a bit hectic. But don´t worry, once everything settles I will have plenty of time for the blog and I have some very exciting collections on the way. I am so happy with my new job, it is the best I could imagine. Oh and if you are interested, the polish I had on both interviews for this position was Misa Blush Hour :)
Now today I want to show you another older OPI. Same as my last post this bottle is not mine, a friend borrowed it to me. I love sharing polishes like this :) I always wanted to try OPI Don´t Toy With Me. Now that I did, I am thinking of buying it. I like its finish. I also like the pink micro glitter it has. This was two coats.

P.S. If you sent me an email or asked a question in the last few days and I didn't answer it, remind yourself. I don´t want to ignore you, I just had a lot to do :)

OPI Bogota Blackberry

Bogota Blackberry is an interesting shade for me. Long ago I had it, I liked it and then after some time I sold it. Now after nearly two years I got to try it again from my friend. And now it makes me think. Why did I sell it? It is pretty but is it that special? Anyway. The shade is pretty, it is rich and very well pigmented. Two coats here. Now I really have to think about this shade again. What do you think?

Eyeko Liptastik Loud Mouth, Lip Lover and Hot Lips: Swatches and Review

Today I want to show you a really cute product from Eyeko...well, everything from Eyeko is cute :) I am a regular user of some of their products. My favourite Eyeko nail polish is Punk and I also like their Cream with Extra Glow. A few days ago I got another promising product from them in the mail. I want to show you three Liptastic Glossy Lip Pens.

When it comes to lipstick I apply it with a lip brush because I can not get it right just like that. I found these pens very easy to use. First I outlined my lips and them filled them in with color. This way you get a big color payoff, these are very well pigmented. If you want a softer look, try to dab a little color with your fingers. If your lips tend to dry, then don´t worry with these. I found them very hydrating, they give a glossy look. As I said, these come in three shades, so here are my swatches (left on lips - my skin retouched, hate macro pictures and didn´t want to scare you, right is on my hand).

"Rosy pink lips always looks polished and effortless. Maximise your beauty wardrobe with this flattering hue."
This is a nice rosy color. I like wearing a very soft layer of this shade. It makes you look mylipsbutbetter :)

"Sexy red lips are winter's hottest accessory and this scarlet hue will keep you ahead of the fash pack."
Red lips will always be classy and never boring. This is a warm red with a bit of orange. It looks very sexy.

"Fuchsia lips are just the thing for updating retro-trends and adding a youthful edge to your look."
This is really hot. I think Hot Lips will be great for summer. This is the only color I didn´t dare to wear outside and only had it on for a while at home.

In the past I tried some lipstick pencils from other brands but didn´t like them. I didn´t like to sharpen them, it was a mess and they were all broken. I also remember that a lot of them were very dry. Compared to those I think that Liptastik is great. I love the fact that you don´t have to sharpen them, you just twist the bottom of the pencil. I also like their finish and the way they feel on your lips. Staying power is average, if you eat or drink, you will have to do some touch ups. Negatives? Well I don´t like the smell of these but you can notice it only if you put your nose close to the pencil. On the lips they don´t bother you at all. One more negative is the choice of colors. Now don´t get me wrong, I like these three, but I hope they come with more shades, would love to have this in nude :)
You can buy all three shades here for 14.00€, or buy them individually.
Did you try these? What were your thoughts? :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

China Glaze Papaya Punch Comparison

I am totally rocking the new summer collection from China Glaze. I am wearing each color as a full mani and love them all :) I promised you some comparisons, so here is the first one. Some bright oranges. The closest I could find to Papaya Punch (PP) was Illamasqua Gamma (G) and OPI Flit A Bit (FAB) but non of these is close enough. They are all bright orange cremes, but the OPI is darker, more orange and Gamma is more neon. I used two coats of each. They are all fun colors great for summer but if I had to choose one, it would be Illamasqua Gamma. What do you think? :)

China Glaze Island Escape Summer 2011 Collection - Swatches and Review

First summer collection I have for you is from China Glaze. It consists of six bright colors and I can already tell you that they are way better than I even hoped. Here are my swatches:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

Bright orange creme. It is very bright but it is not a neon. This was two coats, formula was great. I already got a request to compare this with other bright oranges, will post that soon.

Is Hot! I am wearing it right now and loving it all the way! I love the micro glitter finish. The picture is with two coats, you can still see some VNL but it was not so much visible as on the pictures. I think three coats would be fine for full overage.

Here it goes, a purple! I love it, seriously. Just look at the close-up picture. Do you see the pink micro glitter? It really is beautiful. This is two coats.

This collection is just awesome, look at this blue. This will be so perfect in summer. Blue Iguana will be great on toes and nails. Only minus is that it is a bit sheer, this is three coats and still some VNL but it will not stop me from loving it.

You know what I write about greens...I don´t like them much. Not this one, I could wear it and I know I would like it. This is a very pretty bright shimmer. Covered great in two coats. Oh and I like the name :)

Maybe my least favourite color from the whole collection but just because the collection is full of great polishes. This is that kind of a yellow green creme. Thought it would not go well with my skin tone, but not bad at all. Two coats.
My overall thoughts? I LOVE this collection. Honestly. The color selection is great (yes, there is a purple). You have three finishes to choose from and wearing the polishes really makes you want to go on a tropical island and run in the sand with these on your toes.
What do you think about the collection? Which shades do you want?
If you have any ideas for a comparison with these, let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do :) have a great weekend and hope summer comes fast!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company