Zoya Summertime Collection Summer 2011 - Swatches and Review

The weather is so nice outside and I am sooo lazy to sit at the computer and edit pictures and write on the blog. Don´t give up on me. I will try to do better. Still there are some nice summer collections I want to show you and the Zoya Summertime Collection is one of them. There are six cremes and here they are one by one:

A bright warm red creme. Nothing unique in terms of color but the formula was great, application flawless and great coverage already in one coat. Two are better if you want it fully opaque.

Every collection has a color that I like the least and in this collection it is Tamsen. These brownish reds never looked great on me. Two coats.

The first of the two beautiful purples. This is a red purple and again, flawless! Two coats here.

Areej is a sweet a bit muted pink. It nearly covers in one coat (on the picture).

I love Mira. Again, we have seen this color before but the application was great and I enjoyed working with it. Great purple creme. Two coats.

A medium blue a bit on the teal side. I like this one two, again two coats.

As I already said, the colors in this collection are nothing super unique. But I don´t think you should just skip this collection. All the polishes have a great formula, they apply flawlessly and have really great coverage. If you have short nails, you could go with just one coat on most of them. My favourites are Kieko and Mira...great cremes, I plan to play with some top coats on these two.

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Essie Van D'Go

The June edition of the InStyle magazine in the Czech Republic has a free Essie polish. There are twelve colors to choose from. How could I say no to that? So far I bought just one and I am showing it to you today. It is Essie Van D'Go, a pink peach creme. The polish is a bit streaky, nothing major but it needs three coats for even coverage. I think it is a perfect spring/summer color and I am glad I got it. My hand are starting to be tanned and I think this polish makes a nice contrast. Do you like this one? If you are from the Czech Republic, which polishes did you get?

Finger Paints Peace, Love & Color Summer Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

I want to show you another summer collection today. This time without any text, I hurt my back and every minute spent at the computer hurts a lot, so I hope you forgive me. Here they are:







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Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore and Dolce Pink - Swatches and Review

I have a quick makeup post for you today. Milani is a brand new to me but I always wanted to try some of their products. When I got the chance to try out their new Baked Blushes I couldn't refuse. I got two shades to show you: Berry Amore and Dolce Pink. There are nine shades, so you have a lot to choose from. Lets have a closer look at them:

Above is the packaging (Dolce Pink). These come in golden plastic pots that are sealed when being sold. I think the packaging is the only thing that I don´t like about these. It looks cheap. Under the blush is a small compartment for the small brush and a mirror. I used my classic big blush brush for these, don´t like the brush they come with but it could be great for travel.
Below are the blushes swatched on my pale skin. I used a lot of the product, they are very nicely pigmented and you can build up the color as you like.

Is a berry shade with gold. This will look great once I tan a bit on the face. As I said, you can build up the color as you like.

I love this shade. It reminds me of one of my MAC blushes and I don´t see a difference in the quality. It gives you a beautiful glow, has very fine shimmer. It looks very shimmery in the pan, but ok on the cheeks, you don´t have to worry.

I have these at home for about two weeks now and I am using them every single day. When I got the chance to review them I didn't know what to expect and was a bit scared. Now I can say it: I love them and I will buy one or two other shades. I was surprised about the quality of these, I compared them with MAC and they are just as good. The only minus for me is the packaging but with this price ( they cost $7.99) I have no problem with it :)
Do you have these? Tell me which are your favourite shades and inspire me on my hunt for more Milani Baked Blushes!

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Zoya Mod Mattes Collection Summer 2011 - Swatches and Review

I have one little cute collection for you. The Zoya Mod Mattes! Matte for summer? I think it is a great idea and Zoya created some great polishes here, have a look at them:

Lolly is a bright barbie pink. The formula was great. You have enough time to apply the polish before it dries. This is two coats.

You will for sure get noticed when you wear Mitzi! It is a great summer color. I did three coats here. Two could be ok, but I had to hide some imperfections in application. I like the finish.

Love! This polish is amazing. When I did the swatches I made this into a whole mani. I love it and I am staring at my nails all day. Such a fun bright shimmer. This was three coats. I can´t say anything bad about Phoebe, it is my new summer love.

So what do you think? I think that this is a very nice cute little collection. Of course I would like Zoya to make more of these, they do the mattes perfect. I plan on playing with my top coat and creating some fun looks with these.
Did you get any of these? If not I think you should get at least one, they are so much fun!

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Misa Wishes Collection Spring 2011 - Swatches and Review

I got this beautiful email today from a girl that used to be a nail bitter and then one day found my blog and stopped and started to be a nail polish addict like all of us. I was really touched by it. I love to hear your stories with nail polish and I am so glad that my little blog brings more colors into your lives.
So today I have some more inspiration for you, this time with the Misa collection. I am a little late with this but I really want to show you these:

Is a light greyish silver. It had good coverage, this is two coats.

A very very light peach with silver micro-shimmer. This is two coats, three would be fully opaque.

One of my favourites. This just looks so pure and makes your nails look really very pretty. Good coverage here too, two coats.

I like this one too, there is just a hint of green and the shade looks very pretty. Again two coats.

This also very pretty, I think you can see the prettiness of this polish mostly from the close up. Two coats.

This will be my favourite of the collection for summer when my hands tan a little. Two coats.

This collection is full of pretty polishes. This time I think my close ups are really helpful to show you the full beauty of these shades. I have to admit that I was a bit scared that they will be sheer or watery but nothing like that. The formula is just fine and as you saw I used two coats for each shade and they look great. There is some VNL but a third coat should fix that.
I like the way the collection looks as a whole. Wearing these made me feel like a fairy :) I am really liking the last collections from Misa, I think they are getting better and better and I am very curious about what is to come next. I also already have the summer collection and I will show you that soon!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

Essence Hello Holo and Circus Confetti Giveaway

Remember my post about Essence Hello Holo? I got a lot of emails saying that you can´t find it anywhere :( So I said to myself that I will do a little giveaway and give you the chance to win it. The second polish is Circus Confetti which will be great for layering and will be a fun polish for summer.


This time it is simple, you just have to be a follower of my blog and make a comment under this post with your name and email.
The giveaway is international and ends 29 May 2011.
One winner will be chosen randomly and wins both polishes.

Ready for summer!

I just got the new Misa collection in my mail. The colors are amazing, they scream summer to me! I couldn´t resist to paint each nail a different color :) when I saw it I remembered my new sunglasses that I bought in a sale on asos a few months ago. I think I am ready for summer! What do you think?