OPI I Vant To Be A-lone Star versus China Glaze Sea Spray

One more comparison :) These actually look much more similar in the bottle than on the nail. They are both shimmer greys with a hint of blue but there is a big difference. I like them both and I like all the greys that came out this spring. Now I have a lot to choose from. I made one more comparison of other spring greys here.

OPI Don´t Mess With OPI versus China Glaze Starboard

So today I have for you just a short comparison. Didn´t have a very good day so it will be quick. I compared two greens from this year´s spring collections: OPI Don´t Mess With OPI (DMWO) and China Glaze Starboard (S).

Essence Hello Holo

So I did it again...I went to my local drugstore to shop for more Essence. The problem is that I am on a no buy and there were so many things I wanted to buy! I wanted the magnetic polishes, new colors. But I was brave and walked only with this beauty. This is an amazing holo glitter. I used it on a silver base and on the pictures are two coats. More would be even better :) Great thing about this holo is that you can see the effect even in shade, not much but it is there.

In the sun it goes just crazy! I love the effect it does and I will for sure be rocking this polish in summer.

I don´t know why but my pictures are just crap and I can´t capture the holo effect. So I made a little video for you so that you can see how cool this is. What do you think?

Fancy Crackle

This was my weekend mani :) it is fun and simple. The base is two coats of Orly Fancy Fuchsia (my new favourite pink for this spring) and Black Mesh from China Glaze. I think these make a great combination.

Essence Where Is The Party?

I don´t buy my nail polishes in the drugstore. All the colors are sooo boring there and also overpriced compared to the price of OPI, China Glaze etc. from the US. The only brand that has interesting products is Essence. Problem is that they are always sold out :( Last week I was lucky enough to grab a last bottle of this new beautiful shade. Where is the party? is so many colors in a bottle. The basic color is a grey purple but from certain angles you can also see turquoise and green (those are not very visible on the nail). Be careful about the application, it tends to make brushstrokes but not much. I used two coats for the swatches.

Sorbets Over White

In my previous post I showed you the new OPI Texas Collection. I loved the sorbets but didn´t like the VNL much. I said I will try them over creme polishes and today I want to show you how they look over a white creme. As you can see the more coats, the brighter the color. They still look juicy and I think this is the way I will be wearing them. I know it is a little extra work but I love how they look. If you don´t mind VNL then you don´t have to bother :)
I am showing you how the color builds up, so you can see how it looks after one coat, two coats and then with three coats. The polishes I used here were: Guy Meets Gal-veston (GMG), Big Hair...Big Nails (BHBN), Too Hot Pink To Hold ´Em (THPTHE) and Do You Think I´m Texy (DYTIT).

OPI Texas Collection Spring 2011 - Swatches and Review

Today I have for you one more spring collection. This time from OPI. I am sorry it takes me so long to show you these but the samples are sent to me from the US so it does take some time. Anyway, spring just started so have a look at my review of this collection.

I will start with the six sorbet shades. Here is what OPI says about the finish: "From the company that brought revolutionary nail textures like matte, suede, and Black Shatter to women around the world, OPI announces a new special finish – semi-transparent sorbet shades. Featured first in the Texas Collection by OPI for Spring/Summer 2011, 6 of the 12 lacquers give fingers and toes a lightly glossed appearance."

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

Warm red. This was three coats and still VNL as with all the sorbets.

This was the sorbet I grabbed first and had on as a full mani for two days. Looks very juicy. Three coats.

Orange red, again very fruity. The sorbets are consistent in terms of formula, all were the same. Three coats.

My favourite sorbet and I love the name :) Three coats.

Bright orange, this was the brightest sorbet. Three coats.

Nice berry shade. Three coats.

This one dries a bit slower and I wasn´t patient enough between each coat and this is how it ended. You can see some brushstrokes. With better application, I think this polish is very nice. I like greys with pink shimmer.

I am a sucker for teal and turquoise polishes. When I saw the promo pictures this was the one I was looking most toward to, then I saw some swatches and was a bit dissapointed. Now that I have it I can say that I really like it. It does need three coats to be opaque but the color is very nice.

Not my type, I really am not a green lover...but I know a lot of you out there are :) I will try to do some comparisons with this one. Two coats.

Looks like every spring collection of this year has to have a grey. Well at least we have a wide range to choose from. This one is very nice with a hint of blue and with shimmer. Two coats.

I think you have to have the right skin tone for this polish. It just doesn´t look good on me :( But the application was nice, creamy formula. Two coats.

My camera went crazy here and just couldn´t take a decent picture of this one. It is lighter than on these pictures. Kind of a muddy brown. Again not my type of color. Two coats.
The Texas Collection is a little surprise for me. From the promo pictures I felt it is a bit boring after the amazing Burlesque and Swiss collections. Then some swatches started to appear on blogs and I wasn´t happy about the colors either. Looks like some polishes you just have to try for yourself.
Now the sorbets are a great finnish, they look juicy and yummy to me. The problem is that they are not opaque and I hate VNL. I will try to layer them over opaque cremes and see how that works. The rest of the collection has the amazing turquoise which I love but also shades that just don´t work with my skin tone. Overall I think the collection is better than I expected although I am not head over hells about it. I think you should try at least one of the sorbets, I really like the finish. 

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Zoya Intimate Collection Spring 2011 - Video

Haven´t posted a video for a long time. I love doing them but lately I find them very time-consuming :( I am thinking about stopping doing them.
Anyway, I still want to show you the Zoya Intimate Collection. Hope you enjoy it! My swatches of this collection are here.

Orly Royal Velvet (Precious Collection Spring 2011)

Needed to have this from the first moment I saw promo pictures! Maybe you remember me showing you SpaRitual Health, Wealth & Happiness half a year ago. I can´t compare these side by side but I think they are dupes. The color looks the same and the application was also the same. The first coat is very uneven and for full covereage without streaks you need three coats. I usually don´t like polishes with such application and don´t use them but here I love the color so much that all is forgiven. A dark blue with purple flash is something I can´t resist.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air

We all know Deborah Lippmann makes great glitter polishes and she is prooving it even in her newest collection for spring 2011. Glitter In The Air is a very sheer light blue based glitter. If you want to get the bottle color I think you would have to do at least four or five coats. To make it easier I applied a light blue base:

Then I applied two coats of Glitter In The Air. The glitter particles are of different sizes and are in baby blue and pink color. You have to be a bit careful with the application, so that you pick the right abount of glitter on the brush. Now isn´t this the cutest thing ever? I loved the look! I want to try this polish over different bases, next will be a light pink. So what do you think? I am honestly in love.

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Orly Fancy Fuchsia (Precious Collection Spring 2011)

I only have two polishes from the new Orly collection called Precious but I think I got the best ones. First is Fancy Fuchsia which is a super bright pink fuchsia creme. I have to say that I loved it on my nails and I am sure it will be a great pedi color for summer too! The great part is that the formula was nice and covered in two coats. May not be an unique color but I am glad I have it and can´t wait to wear it. What do you think?

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company