New from China Glaze!

This is so cool! Just look what China Glaze has for us! I love those cute sets :)

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Sugar, Spice and Everything In Between

The 16 seasonal colors will be available for a limited time only, so catch them fast before the holidays are over

New bag and matching nails

Hey everyone! First I want to so much thank you for helping me find the perfect red in my previous post. I promise to show you pictures once I have the polish that will match with the charm.
For today I want to show you my try on something else. I few days ago I bought a beautiful duffle bag on asos. I LOVE it! The color is just amazing changing from purple to blue.
Now that was a challange! Do my nails the same :) I used two polishes for this. CND Eclectic Purple and Orly Rock Candy, both one coat. Here is the result. Tell me know what you think or if you have a better combination on mind, I would love to try it :)

Help me with a red :)

I don´t have any swatches for you today. The weather is crazy outside and I can´t swatch anything, the pictures are crap :( So I thought I would ask you for help.
I always like to coordinate my nail polish with some kind of detail or with clothes. Now I have this beautiful Pilgrim charm in the shape of lips. It is a beautiful red and I want to have a polish in the same color. Any suggestions? I will be happy for all your ideas :) Thank you.

Here is a detail of the lips. I left the pictures big, so you can click on them to see a full size :)

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

You may be asking why write about something that everybody knows :) But from my experience there are still a lot of people that never heard of this and if my post could help just one person out there I will be more than happy.

Seche Vite is my HG nail product. It is a fast drying top coat from Seche that is applied over your last coat of nail polish to speed up the drying time from hours to minutes. And you know what? IT WORKS! I think I could never become a nail polish addict without this. I am sure you all know paint your nails and then start waving your hands up and down like crazy, then are very careful not to ruin the mani, go to sleep and in the morning find sheet imprints on your nail. I had it the same before I bought my first bottle of Seche Vite. Now here are my thoughts about this product after using it for about three years:

+ dries your polish fast - it really does! I have my polish perfectly dry in about 20 - 30 minutes. I have tried some other top coats and sprays but none worked so well for me as Seche Vite. Remember! It is important that you apply it onto WET nail polish so that it can go through all the layers.
+ cheap - it isn´t very expensive which is great because I use tons of it :) (a 15ml bottle costs $4.20 on transdesign)
+ great brush - I really like the brush of this one. Very easy to use and to get the right amount of product on your nails.

- not available everywhere - if you are from the US you will have no problems in getting it but you might have problems if you are not. Seche Vite doesn´t sell in my country but you can always get it on the internet.
- goes thick - after you use about two thirds of the product it starts to go thick and is hard to work with. I tried a thinner (not Seche Restore - must try that) but it doesn´t work much so I just buy another bottle :)
- not for holographic polishes - like most top coats don´t use this over holographic polishes. The effect will show much less and we don´t want that to happen :)
- shrinkage - it desn´t happen often but sometimes it can. Make sure you wrap it around your tips to avoid it.

I hope this was helpful. I really LOVE Seche Vite and because of it I can paint my nails every day and have fun with it.

Dark Vamp Creme Comparison

Haha, looks like I love doing comparisons lately :) I have one more for you today. Nobody asked for this one but I still thought it would be fun to compare the three colors from three different brands. All of these were released this fall. I am comparing OPI William Tell Me About OPI (WTMAO) from the Swiss Collection, Color Club Ready To Royal (RTR) from the Untamed Luxury Collection and Essie Velvet Voyeur (VV) from the Fall Into Fashion Collection. As you can see from the swatches, RTR is the darkest and more purple. VV and WTMAO are really close as they are both leaning towards brown. Hope this was helpful :) and have a great weekend!

Color Club Diamonds Collection from the Untamed Luxury 2010 - Swatches and Review

Today I want to show you, my dear readers the second part of the Untamed Luxury Collection. It is called the Diamonds. If you missed the first, the Indulgence, have a look here. These seven polishes are really pretty and I have found some of my favourites between them. So let´s have a look at the one by one.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).
I hate to say this, as I love Color Club and their formula, but this was a big mistake. At least for me. This polish is thick and so hard to apply. Sorry :( Three coats.

On the other side this polish is great! I love it. It is a grey with some glitter and I love the purple it has in it. This is two coats and applied like a dream.

Red glitter in a black base. Not unique as we have seen these before (China Glaze, Eyeko...) but still pretty. Two coats.

I was so much looking forward to this polish from the time I saw the first promoc pictures and it didn´t fail. A bright turquoise glitter, the base color is the same as the glitter. I have three coats and there is still some VNL. Can´t wait to use this polish for layering.

Again, love this. I said it before, I am starting to love reds more and more and this is a very pretty bright medium red.

Ok, you just have to look at the picture and admitt that it is just gorgeous! One of the best polishes from the whole Untamed Luxury Collection. Two coats.

This is a super cool flakie top coat. I love the effect it does on polishes. The only problem that I have with it, is that the base is a bit thick. Today I am showing it to you only on Snakeskin but I plan on doing other posts with it. If you want to see this polish layered on anything specific, just let me know :)

The second part of the Untamed Luxury Colection is also very pretty. The only polish that I really didn´t like was the first one. Maybe the problem was in my application, I really didn´t know what went wrong. The other polishes are winners for me and I will be wearing them for sure this fall!
What about you? Which ones did you get or want to have? Loet me know :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Color Club Indulgence Collection from the Untamed Luxury 2010 - Video

A bit late after the swatches but here we go with a video of these seven beautiful polishes. I think the video shows them really well, especially the dark ones :)
If you like normal swatches better, here is my original post.
Thanks for watching <3

Illamasqua Scarab Comparison

Same as with Viridian, I also have a comparison for you with the second polish, Scarab. My original review and swatches can be found here. To be honest I thought I would find something closer between my polishes but I didn´t. The two polishes I compared Scarab with are China Glaze Braning Iron (BI) which I absolutely love and the new Color Club Jewel Of A Girl (JOAG). All of these were two coats. Now let me know if you have any other suggestion of with what I should compare Scarab :)

Illamasqua Scarab from the Art Of Darkness Collection 2010

Today I have for you the second polish from the Art Of Darkness Collection from Illamasqua. If you missed the first, Viridian, have a look here. Scarab is a beautiful ruby red. In the bottle there is a lot of gold visible but not so much on the nail. I like the color a lot, I love reds like this but I don´t find it unique. I don´t have a dupe or something very close in my collection but I made a comparison for you, which I will show you soon. This is two coats again, application was flawless. What do you think about Scarab?

The new collection is already available at Scarab retails for £13.00.

And here is Scarab used on one of the characters...the Gypsy Queen!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Illamasqua Viridian Comparison

I am so glad you loved my swatches of Illamasqua Viridian from the Art Of Darkness Collection. In my review I promised to show you a comparison with this polish and in the comments many of you asked for it too. So here we go. I copmared it with three polishes that were the closest from what I own. I personally thought that the closest will be Color Club Rule Breaker (RB) but it is much lighter on the nail. The other two polishes that I used for my comparison are OPI Cuckoo For This Color (CFTC) and China Glaze Emereld Fitzgerald (EF). If you missed my comparison of the last two, you can have a look here. All of the polishes used in this comparison are two coats. So what do you think of Viridian after seeing this?

CND Urban Oasis versus OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Finally I bring you this comparison that a lot of you asked for. Both of these polishes were released this fall. As you can already tell from the bottles, they are different. OPI goes more blue, on the other hand CND more green. There is also a difference in opacity, you can go just with one coat on CND but you need two for OPI. The colors are so different that I think it is worth having both :)

Here is how they look with Teal Sparkle:

Color Club Indulgence Collection from the Untamed Luxury 2010 - Swatches and Review

Today I want to show you another fall collection that I was very curious about. Color Club has prepared for us a huge collection consisting of fourteen new shades. I usually try to show you the collections all at once but this time I had to split it into two. The second part is coming soon. Today I have for you the first part which is called the Indulgence Collection and consists of seven shades from very light to almost black. Enough talking, lets have a look at the colors one by one.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

This is a very pretty shade. A grey silver. I actually had this shade on my graduation day. I am wearing two coats here.

Grey with silver shimmer. Looks like a rainy fall day. Two coats. Might remind you of Orly Pixie Dust but this one is more grey.

A darker taupe creme. I like this one very much! The application was great and I think it is a perfect shade for fall. Two coats.

Not very much my kind of color but I still want to wear it. It is interesting :) Beige grey creme, hard to describe. This was three coats.

Now come the darker shades and this one is amazing!  It is very well pigmented and you could go with just one coat. A very deep bronze shimmer. I know I would love this in summer too!

Similar to the previous except for the color, this is a dark brownish red. Very pretty rich color. Two coats.

Very popular shade this fall. Now that I have all of them at home I will do a comparison for you. I love shades like this. Deep purple vampy creme, almost black. Two coats again.

Overall I think this collection is very pretty. I find the shades very fall like and chic. I can see myself wearing all of them. The formula was very good as always from Color Club. Now let me know, what do you think about the first part of the Untamed Luxury Collection? Which shades are you getting?

These are already available in stores.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Chanel Paradoxal

I know I am a bit late with this and you have seen this polish a million times, still I want to post my pictures and thoughts. First I want to thank Kellie for getting me this polish, she is so sweet and saved me a lot of money because Chanel polishes are really expensive in my country (36 dollars). Now this is my first Chanel polish I bought for full price. From the time I saw the first promo pictures of Paradoxal, I knew I had to have it :)
Paradoxal is a grey purple polish that looks almost like a creme but it has shimmer. I read somewhere it is a one coater but not for me. I needed two coats for full coverage, which is just fine. It applies very well. On this first picture you can see how the polish looks most of the time, this is taken indoor:

The hidden shimmer I have been talking about is barely visible most of the times and the polish looks almost like a creme. This is how the polish looks in sunlight:

Huge difference isn´t it? It looks more purple and the shimmer is visible. Paradoxal might be a dissapointment for some people who saw only swatches in the sun. I love it both ways so I am really happy I got this polish.

Finger Paints - October Breast Cancer Awareness

There is never enough money to fight cancer so I am happy to hear that Finger Paints will be donatig money for a good cause :) The pink polishes look sweet!

Illamasqua Viridian from the Art Of Darkness Collection 2010

Today I have something really special for you! A few weeks ago Illamasqua started to slowly show the characters of their new collection Art Of Darkness. And when they showed one of the pictures where the character was wearing a dark emerald polish I knew I have to have it. Illamasqua Viridian is amazing! I love colors like this. Illamasqua describes it as a peacock green. In the bottle you can see more blue flashes which are not so visible on the nail. The application was flawless, as always from Illamasqua. I will be doing a comparison post with this one to see if there is something similar already out. For me this goes in my top 10 polishes.
Edit: my swatches of the second polish from this collection, Scarab, can be found here.

The new collection is already available at Viridian retails for £13.00.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

New From Misa!

Just got this in my mail :) This is their new collection for winter 2010. GLITTER! And there is a purple.Yes :)

Winter 2010: Spark My Interest

Ladies, put some bling on it! Whether you’re hitting the clubs in South Beach or sipping martinis in a Manhattan high-rise, you’ll need nails that glimmer as bright as the surrounding lights. Misa Cosmetics’ latest collection, Spark My Interest, pays homage to the glitz and glamour of nightlife and romantic intrigue—because nighttime nails should never fade into the background. The six brilliant hues are saturated with shine, thanks to the thousands of glittering particles packed into each polish, guaranteeing that nails remain the center of attention all summer long.

Date Nights to the Twilight
Red Pumps at the Nordstrom
Spark My Heart, That’s a Start
Pink Bling On My Ring
Wink, Blink, Let’s Get a Drink
Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera

Essie Fall Into Fashion Collection 2010 - Video

And now for the collection in action :) Hope you like it!
As always, if you find my videos boring or you just don´t like them, have a look at my swatches here.

Essie Fall Into Fashion Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Today I have for you a very exciting collection for this fall from Essie. I liked a lot of polishes from the last few collections and it is nice that this brand can do some very interesting shades apart from the traditional pinks and reds. This collection only proves it. The Fall Into Fashion Collection (my post with the official promo pictures is here) consists of six shades and I think you will love it. The good part is that all the shades look much better on the nail than in the bottle which is always good to hear :) So let´s have a look and the shades one by one:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

You can have a look at my video swatches of this collection here.

Exactly what I have been talking about with the bottle :) This looks much better on the nails. It is a rosy pink, gives the feeling of something conservative.I used three coats and the application was flawless.

A sexy coll toned red. Really very pretty. This is the only three coater in the collection. On the picture you can still see VNL but IRL it wasn´t noticeable. Be careful when removing this polish, it can stain your cuticles a bit. I recommend sweeping the cotton pad one way, away from the cuticles.

Wow, what a pretty color! I like the subtle shimmer it has. I think this is the most popular shade from the whole collection. I read that it is a dupe of RBL Diddy Mow but I don´t have that one to compare. Two coats.

Is my personal favourite color from this collection. I love colors like this for fall! It is absolutely beautiful. Two coats. Perfectness!

A dark purple vampy creme. Very popular this fall. We have seen OPI and Color Club do colors like this and of course I will have a comparison for you soon :) This was two coats.

A very dark brown creme, almost black. I love this shade! Looks darker that in the bottle. Reminds me of coffee :) Two coats.

As I said, I am really happy that Essie came with such interesting colors. I love their fall collections. The last years was also very pretty. The formula on these was good, nearly all of them are two coaters. These are already available so you can go and buy the ones that you like. Let me know which ones are you going to get and what you think about this collection :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.