Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

You may be asking why write about something that everybody knows :) But from my experience there are still a lot of people that never heard of this and if my post could help just one person out there I will be more than happy.

Seche Vite is my HG nail product. It is a fast drying top coat from Seche that is applied over your last coat of nail polish to speed up the drying time from hours to minutes. And you know what? IT WORKS! I think I could never become a nail polish addict without this. I am sure you all know paint your nails and then start waving your hands up and down like crazy, then are very careful not to ruin the mani, go to sleep and in the morning find sheet imprints on your nail. I had it the same before I bought my first bottle of Seche Vite. Now here are my thoughts about this product after using it for about three years:

+ dries your polish fast - it really does! I have my polish perfectly dry in about 20 - 30 minutes. I have tried some other top coats and sprays but none worked so well for me as Seche Vite. Remember! It is important that you apply it onto WET nail polish so that it can go through all the layers.
+ cheap - it isn´t very expensive which is great because I use tons of it :) (a 15ml bottle costs $4.20 on transdesign)
+ great brush - I really like the brush of this one. Very easy to use and to get the right amount of product on your nails.

- not available everywhere - if you are from the US you will have no problems in getting it but you might have problems if you are not. Seche Vite doesn´t sell in my country but you can always get it on the internet.
- goes thick - after you use about two thirds of the product it starts to go thick and is hard to work with. I tried a thinner (not Seche Restore - must try that) but it doesn´t work much so I just buy another bottle :)
- not for holographic polishes - like most top coats don´t use this over holographic polishes. The effect will show much less and we don´t want that to happen :)
- shrinkage - it desn´t happen often but sometimes it can. Make sure you wrap it around your tips to avoid it.

I hope this was helpful. I really LOVE Seche Vite and because of it I can paint my nails every day and have fun with it.