Mirror Nails

I spent the whole Sunday thinking if I should buy myself the discontinued Chanel Silver, as seen on this years spring/summer runway. First I wanted to see how my nails would look like, so I reached for Maybelline Mirror Image.

Last time I wore this polish was half a year ago. I realized that I love the way it looks and I just have to buy the Chanel :) What do you think? Should I or should I not?

Urban Decay Bruise

Urban Decay made some very beautiful polishes in the past. I wish I could have them all :) Some of them are hard to find, but not Bruise. A few days ago I bought it on ebay. The price was nice too. Well what to say? I just LOVE it. It so hard to describe, something between purple, green and blue. I used three coats, it applied very well. What about you and old Urban Decay polishes? Do you have some? If you don´t have Bruise, I think you should buy a bottle.

detail of the bottle:

BB Couture Nappa Valley Red

As soon as I saw the first swatches on the Vampy Varnish blog, I knew I had to have this shade. In real life the polish looks different, than on the original swatch. Still I love the color and I am so glad I got it, no wonder it is a best seller! Application was without problems, I used just two coats. Great job Kelly, very pretty shade.

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong (Surf Collection 2007)

I love this shade. Now my story could just end there, but it is not so easy. I don´t like two things about this polish. The first is the fact that it needs three coats but for the color no problem, I can handle that. The second problem is what bugs me. TIPWEAR! After one day I have to take it off :( Do you have the same problem? But still that doesn´t prevent me from loving this shade so much. Lovely blue shimmer in a black base.

OPI Purple-opolis (Greek Isles Collection 2004)

Another old but beautiful OPI polish. I bought this one because of the name and because it is from the greek collection. But that doesn´t mean I don´t like the color, a beautiful purple shimmer. It needs three coats for full coverage. Look how gorgeous it is:

Well, this beauty was screaming "matify me!" so I did :) I used ManGlaze Matte Astrophe. And as you can see, it didn´t cracle. It cracles only if you use it on a fresh mani, this was applied a few hours after. So which look do you like more?

We Are The Champions!

Those who follow me on twitter already know I am a big fan of the Czech ice hockey team. Yesterday we have returned to the top of the hockey world. We beat the Russians and got gold medals after five years of waiting! So suprisingly today my nails are in the colors of the Czech flag. What about you? Do you watch ice hockey? Do you know any Czech players? .)

Ciaté Burlesque

My second Ciaté polish is an opposite of the first one. While Refresher is a very light clean spring color, Burlesque is a dark vampy. It falls in the same category of dark purple cremes as Orly Wild Wisteria or OPI Siberian Nights but is a tad darker. It is almost black. While I like the color, I still think it is not that special. The formula was great on this one, you could go just with one coat, I used two. And again...I LOVE the bottle!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

Love Purple!

Yesterday Kellie did a post with China Glaze Flying Dragon and reminded me of how much I love this polish! So I ran  to make a mani with it and decorated it with some hearts :) Isn´t it just gorgeous? Hope you all have a great Friday.

Ciaté Refresher

I love discovering new (to me) nail polish brands. I am so glad I had the opportunity to try Ciaté polishes. Today I want to show you Refresher, a beautiful light blue creme. I didn´t have such a color in my collection and now I am thinking, how could I? I love it! It looks so clean and pure. And so glossy too (no top coat on the picture, just the polish). Application was ok for me, just be careful not to make too thick coats. I did three coats, but two would be absolutely fine. I think this is a perfect spring color. Can´t wait to decorate it with some Konad!

Oh and did I say how much I love the bottle? I think it is one of the cutest bottles out there (together with Nfu Oh). Can there be something sweeter than a black bow? Love it. You can buy Ciaté polishes here. They are a bit pricey (£9.00 for 13.5ml) but a great way to spoil yourself :) They have some really nice colors! And I think that Refresher is one of them. What about you, do you have any Ciaté polishes? Any must haves?
* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

OPI Siberian Nights (Russian Collection 2007)

The Russian Collection from which this polish is was one of the best OPI made. I loved a lot of colors from it :) Well I would have loved even this beautiful dark purple creme but since I have the great one coater Orly Wild Wisteria, I dodn´t need two polishes like this. They are not dupes thought. OPI is darker and needs two coats, Orly is more blue. Did a quick comparison to show you :)

OPI Siberian Nights (2coats) versus Orly Wild Wisteria (1 coat)

China Glaze Custom Kicks with Konad

How was your weekend? My todays mani is China Glaze Custom Kicks with golden stamping from plate M78 to coordinate with the golden shimmer in this polish. The color brings back memories of last summer, I wore this color a lot. It has been raining in my country for such a long time now, I need the sun so much .) I run on solar power only!

Purple Cremes - Comparison

Funny to think that I didn´t have a single purple creme until this spring and now I have six :) So I wanted to share them with you and show you a little comparison from the lightest to the darkest. I have to say, I love them all and use them often...alone or as a base for layering. And don´t ask me to choose a favourite, I wouldn´t know. What about you and purple cremes? Any color that I don´t have and is so special I should? Let me know :)

From the left: China Glaze Light As Air, Orly Lollipop, Eyeko Lilac Polish, Illamasqua Jo´Mina, China Glaze Grape Pop, Orly Wild Wisteria


Tried to do an electric mani inspired by the Illamasqua Body Electrics collection. Didn´t work out very well, as I didn´t find a stamping plate with something electric and then stamped it wrong. Well what did I expect after some beers :D Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Orly In The Navy Collection Preview

Are you a fan of the nautical look? Well Orly has something just for you :) Have a look at the new collection. I am very curious about the new blue, it looks perfect! This collection launches in June. What about you, are you interested in any of these?

Orly says: "The nautical look, entirely in vogue for Spring and Summer 2010, is hitting stores nationwide spanning every department from fashion to accessories and beauty. The trend dominated the runways, providing chic inspiration for shows ranging from the avant-garde Dolce and Gabbana to the classically elegant Michael Kors. Now, ORLY presents its interpretation with a new Nail Lacquer Collection aptly named In The Navy. The collection offers the most fashionable way to polish off this fresh look – from your hands to your feet."

Star Spangled, a glittery red shine
White Tips, a creamy white
New! Royal Navy, a sparkly royal navy blue reminiscent of sparkling waters

BB Couture Blind Love

When I won Mary´s contest I could choose three BB Couture polishes. Now do I have to tell you how hard that was?! I have never tried this brand before but from what I heard I was so excited, they have some really lovely shades.One of them is definitely Blind Love, a greenish silver foil metallic and it is said to be close to Chanel Kaleidoscope. It is such a cool color, I loved my nails in it! This one needs two coats, I did three just to make sure. No streaking, just awesomeness!
One more thing I have to say about BB Couture. You not only get beautiful colors and quality, but if you order from Overall Beauty also great costumer care. Kim, the owner, just rocks! She has been very helpful and I think I need to get some more BB Couture polishes :D

OPI Who The Shrek Are You? (Shrek Forever After Collection 2010)

Well what to say about this one? :) This is not at all my color and I bought it just for fun. I think it makes my hands look sick, but still can´t say I don´t like it. Such a strange color for me. This polish really attracts attention. Everyone was looking at my nails today thinking I must have gone crazy.

Today I went shopping some food and I picked a few granny smith apples. They are my favourite. I caught myself staring at my nails with the apple :D There was a lady standing next to me, you should have seen that look she gave me!

Color Club Gossip Column (Rebel Debutante Collection 2010)

I love Color Club polishes, but the Rebel Debutante Collection was nothing for me. I didn´t like the colors much :( The same with this polish. I am not sure about the color, I don´t feel myself in it. But what I loved about this one was the application. So if you like colors like this, get it and you won´t regret :)

Zoya Charla (Sparkle Collection 2010)

When I try new polishes I either like them, don´t or like them a lot but it rarely happens that a polish attacks my Top 10. Well Zoya Charla got right into my Top 3!!! This is the perfect mermaid color I have been searching for a long time. It looks so great on. I am staring at my nails all day :) Do you think if I paint it on my toes I will grow a mermaid tail? More than my crappy description I hope the pictures will give you an idea of how stunning it is. Thank you Zoya for making this polish!
P.S. you still didn´t buy one? Well what are you waiting for?!

It looks like magic in the bottle:

New from China Glaze

For me the best collections in the whole year are always the fall ones from China Glaze. Just look at the Rodeo Diva from 2008, with my favourite polish of all time Cowgirl Up or the one from last year...Retro Diva Collection with beautiful polishes like Let's Groove, Short and Sassy etc. So I was so excited about what is coming this year! Have a look:

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection for Fall 2010
For Fall 2010, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection captures the vivid and saturated hues of the 1940’s with this seductively complex palette. These classic shades of the season recreate the timeless tableau of movie land mystique, perfect red pouts and steamy nights where swing was the scene!

Dior Vernis Giveaway!

To be honest I wasn´t planning a giveaway now :) But last week I went trough my drawer with new cosmetics and polishes and found two more of these lovely polishes. During the weekend I moved to a new domain, so I said to myself, that a giveaway would be a nice way to say THANK YOU to all my readers for your support and for the trouble with the changed domain. So what do you think? These polishes are just stunning, light purple iridescence. And yes, I have two, so there will be TWO WINNERS!

Now the boring part:

1.  You must be a follower in order to participate (this counts as 1 entry).
2.  Write a comment under this post with a list of your entries, your name and your email. Just one comment per person.
3. For additional entries you can put my blog on your blogroll (1 extra entry and don´t forget to change my new address) and blog about this giveaway on your blog or tweet on twitter (2 extra entries).
4. This is international, everyone can join.
5. The giveaway ends on the June the 11th and the winners will be chosen trough random.org, as always.

Wish everyone good luck and have fun! :)

Nfu Oh 63

I wear this polish when I am in the mood for a light pink but don´t want it to be too much boring :) This is a super holo! It shines so much, I think my camera was scared of it and didn´t capture its full beauty. I have it for some time now and everytime I wear it, I say to myself, that I have to buy the other Nfu Ohs too. And then I always forget to do so...


Nubar Pink Elegance

...is not elegant at all. I mean who comes up with these names? :) Apart from the name, the color is lovely. A super bright hot pink with blue sheen. Too bad this polish is runny, you need three coats for full coverage. Not a must have, I think there are polishes like this with a better formula.

Some changes...

Hello my dear readers! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday :) I just wanted to tell you about some changes I made on my blog. I should have done these a long time ago, but better now than never.

  • new domain - most important. I changed my domain and I wanted to ask all of you if you could change it in your blogroll. Thank you so much. I hope http://www.all-you-desire.com/ will be easier for you to remember.

  • new mail - I had some problems with my old mail, so now you can drop me a line here: aydcontact @ gmail.com

  • follow me on Twitter - I am on twitter for some time now, but forgot to add a button on my blog :)
I am also working on my pictures, so that they are better and a bit bigger. What do you think about the changes?
One more thing...I will start a giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Gabriella Salvete 112

Gabriella Salvete is a czech cosmetic company and they also make polishes. It was actually the first brand I used in my life, because it is cheap and the quality is not so bad. This polish is from their new range and I just love the color. It is so beautiful, that you even pardon the worse formula, which is a bit goopy and you need three coats for full coverage. Perfect for summer, don´t you think? :)

ManGlaze nail art

Yesterday I had time to play with my polishes a bit more, so I tried to do a ruffian mani using Color Club Ultra Violet and ManGlaze Matte is Murder. I have never made one before, so as one could expect, it ended up as a major fail :( Well nobody is perfect. I tried to hide the imperfections with some stamping and actually like it like this a lot!

What do you think? Any tips and tricks how to do a nice ruffian are welcome :)

Orly Luxe (Foil FX Collection 2010)

Hi! Hope you are all great. It is pouring rain in my country, no sun. Today I want to show you one of the polishes from the FX collection. I have been wearing these polishes from this collection quiet a while now, I just forgot to post the pictures. I am sure you have seen enough swatches of them, still I want to show mine. This polish is so cool! Luxe is a golden foil metallic and looks great alone or with black stamping. It covers nicely in two coats, application was flawless and the drying time was very good too. Very happy with this polish :)


New from Orly

I was wondering what Orly had for us for the summer. After two great spring collection, I was so excited :) I have a promo picture for you today. The Viva Summer Collection consists of four colors and they look so hot!

Orly says: "Come alive with Viva, ORLY’s NEW Summer 2010 Collection. This fiery hot collection celebrates the sexiness of Latin American culture with sizzling oranges, pinks, turquoises and blues. Heat up those summer days and feel the rhythm of the night in one of ORLY’s spiciest Lacquer Collections yet. Right on trend for Summer 2010, this vibrant collection is perfect for that tropical beach vacation AND everyday summer fun!"
Have a hot summer Fiesta in Hot Pink shimmer
Bailamos to the music in Turquoise shimmer
Ole – set the night on fire in Coral Orange crème
Take a dip in La Playa with Blue crème

MAC To The Beach Collection

I try not to look at new MAC collections, beacuse I don´t print money. But I think I will have to make an exception and buy something from this stunning collection! I am thinking about the highlighter, cream bronzer or blushes. Or everything :D oh my, oh my. Are you going to get something from this collection and if yes, what will it be?
Thanks for the pictures to my friend Diancik.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy with Konad

It is raining outside and it will for another week, that sucks! I decided that I need a mani to cheer me up and the choice was Flip Flop Fantasy from the Poolside collection. This color is really so much fun, it is so positive :) Black konad looks great over these bright colors, so I went for something simple and summery. Image from plate m28. Oh and guess where China Glaze is from? Yes, California!

Detail of the konad image from plate m28:

Color Club Ms. Socialite (Rebel Debutante Collection 2010)

Who would have thought there is a purple out there that I am not going to be very excited about? I wouldn´t :) But here it is...Ms. Socialite is a creme purple leaning toward plum. I couldn´t get an even application in two coats. Maybe my fault. Maybe I would like this color more if it would come for fall, but not for spring.

Nfu Oh 50 over black

My first post only in english, what a relief. I really apologise to my czech reades, but I am just too lazy to continue writing in both languages. The good news is, that I will try to write more in english, not just only I like it or I don´t and how many coats. I think this will be better for both sides. So today I have for you another layering mani with Nfu Oh 50. Can´t believe I still haven´t tried it over black! The purple base dissapears and you see only flakies that turn from blue to green. So the effect is similar to Nfu Oh 52 over black, but that looks more green as you can have a look here.

Look at how the color changes from blue to green. Stunning!

Otázka pro české čtenáře..

Thinking about writing only in english, so I want to ask my czech readers about it :)

Už dlouho přemýšlím o tom, že budu psát jen v angličtině. Psolední dobou mě psaní v češtině i angličtině vůbec nebaví a myslím, že je to na příspěvcích i vidět. Většina z vás stejně anglicky umí a ti co ne, můžou použít google translátor. Taky si nedělám iluze a spousta z vás to určitě ani nečte, jen mrkne na fotky (nemyslím to špatně, taky to dělám). Tak co si o tom myslíte.