Essence I´m A Marine Girl nail polish and eyeshadow

Yesteday on my Facebook page I promised to show you swatches of these two beauties from the new Essence collection. Both of these products have the same name, I found that at home. First I want to show you the nail polish. It is an electric blue shimmer and I am absolutely in love with it. It is a big size (compared to some other Essence polishes) of 15ml. The polish itself is amazing. It has great coverage, so what you see on my picture is only one coat. If you like colors like this, run to get a bottle, you will love it like I do :)
P.S. my skin tone changed a lot during my vacation in Greece, I hope to get rid of this soon :(

Then are the eyeshadows. I like the packaging. It is a white compact with a mirror. There is a lot of product, you get 4g of eyeshadows. The colors are a chambagne beige with shimmer and a darker navy blue. They are well pigmented and easy to work with.

I think this is a great collection and Essence shows us that quality makeup and nice colours do not have to cost a fortune :) I still think I should have bought more. What do you think? Any other must haves in this collection?

My Nail Polish Collection: Illamasqua

I don´t have many Illamasqua polishes (compared to other brands) but I love each and every one of them :) My favourite is Jo´Mina, it is one of my favourite purples ever and I love to add a coat of Prism on top. What Illamasqua polishes do you have and which are your favourites?

Rescue Beauty Lounge Recherche

Another RBL polish I got to try is Recherche. I think I should try it about three months later, that would be the right time. Now it doesn't seem very interesting for me. But what is really great about it is its formula, it is just flawless! If you like colors like this and you don´t mind to pay the higher price I recommend it.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant

I own only one RBL polish and that is Scrangie. I love it! I don´t know why but the other colors don´t work for me very much. Still I am always happy when I can try them out thanks to my friend Day. So today I want to show you RBL Insouciant. I has that hidden shimmer that shows best in sunlight or with flash. My pictures are indoor so you can´t see it much. I like this polish but I wouldn't buy it. As I said, RBL just doesn't work for me. What do you think?

Zoya Mira comparison

I am back from my vacation! I had pictures of polishes I wanted to show you while I was gone but I had no time to edit them and make the posts. Hope you forgive me :) I want to show you a little comparison I did of my three favourite medium purple creme polishes I have. They are Zoya Mira (M), China Glaze Grape Pop (GP) and Nicole By OPI I´m A Belieber (IAB). I love purple cremes, they look so juicy :) Oh and I promise to post more in the upcoming days. Sadly the customs are holding some of my polishes :(

OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam! England Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

The collection from Serena Williams I was most looking forward to was this one. Guess why? Of course because of the purple one :) I am so easy to please. Just give me a collection with purple and I am happy. Here it is:

I love it! Too bad my pictures are not good enough, you really have to see for yourself. I already had it twice as a full mani :) It covers in two coats and I love the shimmer it has. From certain angles you see it blue. Can it be better?

This time no shatter but a glitter top coat. I really like the round holographic glitter in this one, just too bad there is not much of it. There is one coat on this picture:

Silver and purple are a great combination. This is not that pure boring silver, it has something more to it. I tried to find something close in my collection but no luck. If you have any ideas, let me know :) Two coats.

With this combination the glitter is not so visible but still ads something more to the base polish. Again I used only one coat. You may want to try more for a better effect.

This is a nice little set. I love the purple and the glitter is also fun. Maybe it is better than another shatter :) Formula was good on these and they covered well in two coats. Maybe Servin´Up Sparkle could have more glitter to be more opaque, but other than that I can´t say anything bad about this collection. I told you remember? I am just so easy to please :)
What are your thoughts?

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

Summer 2011 fuchsia pinks comparison

On Thursday I showed you the OPI Nice Stems Collection and I got a request to compare Be A Dahlia Won´t You (BADWY) with China Glaze 108 Degrees (108D). So here it is :) I also added Misa Summer Love (SL). So here we have three polishes from this year´s summer collections. All of them are three coats and looked very similar in the bottles. On the nail the differences are more visible. It is true that the OPI and China Glaze are very close. However I like OPI more, it has more of that beautiful shimmer and has better coverage. Which one would you choose?
P.S. I already did one comparison with China Glaze 108 Degrees here :)