OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam! England Collection 2011 - Swatches and Review

The collection from Serena Williams I was most looking forward to was this one. Guess why? Of course because of the purple one :) I am so easy to please. Just give me a collection with purple and I am happy. Here it is:

I love it! Too bad my pictures are not good enough, you really have to see for yourself. I already had it twice as a full mani :) It covers in two coats and I love the shimmer it has. From certain angles you see it blue. Can it be better?

This time no shatter but a glitter top coat. I really like the round holographic glitter in this one, just too bad there is not much of it. There is one coat on this picture:

Silver and purple are a great combination. This is not that pure boring silver, it has something more to it. I tried to find something close in my collection but no luck. If you have any ideas, let me know :) Two coats.

With this combination the glitter is not so visible but still ads something more to the base polish. Again I used only one coat. You may want to try more for a better effect.

This is a nice little set. I love the purple and the glitter is also fun. Maybe it is better than another shatter :) Formula was good on these and they covered well in two coats. Maybe Servin´Up Sparkle could have more glitter to be more opaque, but other than that I can´t say anything bad about this collection. I told you remember? I am just so easy to please :)
What are your thoughts?

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