China Glaze Grape Juice

It is all about purple! Well at least for today my blog is :) I changed the design, hope you like it. And I have for you a purple polish that I love but haven´t showed you yet. Grape Juice is one year old, comes from the Summer Days 2009 Collection. It is a bit more sheer, I am wearing three coats. I love to do layering experiments with it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

OPI DS Extravagance

Half a year ago I showed you a crappy picture of this polish with konad. I said that it is my only DS polish and that has to change. Well guess what? It still is my only DS polish :( I really have to get some! Extravagance is a beautiful deep red with purple. The holo effect is just subtle, not like China Glaze or Nfu Oh holos. The application was flawless. Again I have to say, that I just love the OPI wide brush. The picture is two coats.

Crackled green

I had another small break last week but now I am back to "work". It is funny how addicting nail polish blogging can become! I missed you so much :) my readers, my nail polish and all the other beautiful blogs out there.
So what I am showing you today is my current mani. Not very summery but the weather in my country sucks so that is the reason. I chose last years Color Clubs nail polish in the shade Rule Breaker, which I love! The fun starts when you add a layer of ManGlaze Matte-Astrophe. Not only does it mattify the polish but also cracles it! I love the effect.

...and this is how Rule Breaker looks alone (two coats):

L.A. Girl Precious

Last week I showed you how pretty a pink can be. Well today I am showing you the opposite. This polish is sooooo boring. And on top of that you get brush strokes. No thanks :)

Navy inspired..

I was playing with my Bundle Monster plates and came out with this. The base is Illamasqua Force, my favourite blue at the moment and stamped with China Glaze Millenium.

Givenchy Pschitt Lemon

My first experience with a Givenchy polish. This is a great summer shade for those of you who don´t mind sheer polishes. On the pictures are four coats and there is still VNL. I am not very happy about this polish, nothing for me. Considering the price (17 dollars for 5,5ml!) I think it is not wort it.

Illamasqua Loella

Ever polish I try from Illamasqua is a winner. How do they do that?! Even this light pink shade is very beautiful. What makes it special is the shimmer it has. On my pictures the shimmer is more visible in the bottle. Isn´t it just gorgeous? I like the formula on this one, although I used three coats just to make sure.

CND Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

I love the new CND line. Most of all the Effect polishes which I showed you here. But there was a color I was missing. CND is filling that gap with their new collection and I am so excited about it. Let´s have a look at it:

Night Factory
The Look: Fall/Winter 2010

CND’s limited edition duo of Urban Oasis, a spruce crème Colour and Teal Sparkle, a bluish green Effect creates a chic, day-to-night denim manicure.

Don´t they just look gorgeous? What are your thoughts? Are you also looking forward to this collection?

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection 2010 - Video!

For those of you who prefer a video instead of pictures I have something for you today. Yesterday I showed you my swatches of the newest China Glaze collection and today I have for you a short video of all the twelve shades. Hope you like it.
Let me know what you prefer - video or normal pictures? Or both? :)

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

Today I have for you one of the most exciting collections for this fall - the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection! Every year it is the same with me. I can´t wait for their fall collections because they always come with such pretty shades. Remember the Rodeo Diva Collection from 2008? Well that is my favourite nail polish collection ever :) So lets have a look at the newest one.

The collection is inspired by the 40s. The official description says: "For Fall 2010, the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection captures the vivid and saturated hues of the 1940’s with this seductively complex palette. These classic shades of the season recreate the timeless tableau of movie land mystique, perfect red pouts and steamy nights where swing was the scene!"

What a great era to be inspired with! Again, this collections has a total of twelve shades that come in two sets. Of course the polishes can be bought separately. Here they are:

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

You can watch my video of the collection here.

A beautiful black/grey foil metallic. It shines so much, looks like a shiny stone. One of my favourites. Two coats.

It is always hard to say which shade from a collection is the best for me but I think it is this one. Love at first sight. Not only is the shade really beautiful but the application was flawless and it is very richly pigmented. One coat could have been just fine, I did two. Get this one!

The name and the shade make this polish so girly. It is soft and elegant but still not boring for me. Great color for fall. Two coats again here.

This is such a beautiful fall shade. Reminds me of the falling leaves. Red with golden shimmer. Two coats.

Another contribution to the taupe trend and a very pretty one! It has very soft golden shimmer. Two coats.

The second foil of the collection. This time it is a champagne. The only polish from the whole collection I used three coats.

Warm metallic bronze. Very pretty and very well pigmented. Can´t wait to do a full mani with this one when fall comes. Two coats.

Bright red with silver micro glitter. As with all the swatches this is without a top coat which you might want to use to sooth down the rough surface. Two coats.

The name says it all. First thing that comes to my mind when i look at this polish is a camel. I think this is the most unique color of the whole collection. I really like the golden flecks it has. This color will not suit all skin tones though. Two coats.

One of my favourites. A beautiful green that leans to the blue side. What else could I want? Just look at the depth of the polish. Two coats.

Like a starry sky. Beautiful glossy blue with silver glitter. The glitter is very soft and easy to remove. So so pretty!! Two coats.

What fall collection would it be without a purple! And what a beautiful one. Dark but not too much. A bit more to the blue side but it still is purple. I saw some pictures of it looking almost blue but it isn´t. Love the depth of this one.

Well this is it. All twelve of the polishes from the Vintage Vixen Collection which should launch in July 2010. I really like the choice of colors and the formula on most of these. They were all but one two coaters and I didn´t have any major application problems. It will sound crazy but I can´t wait for fall to come! :)

Let me know what you think about the collection? Any must haves?

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* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

My nails had a vacation...

...and I went with them :) As you might have noticed I haven´t commented under my posts for two weeks nor did I reply to your emails. Sorry for that but I took a short break and went to relax. I thought two weeks is too long without any post from me so before I left I planned some posts for you to be posted automatically. Hope you enjoyed them. Now I am back and I have some pictures for you. This post is just for fun. I want to show you the three nail polishes I had with me. The choice was not easy but I chose these:

China Glaze Pool Party
I just had to take one of the polishes from their new collection. And I have to say that I was surprised how long it stayed pretty. Got a lot of compliments on this one too!

Essie Pink Parka
Although it is from their fall collection I think it is great for summer too! This one turned heads. Looks great with summer skin. Oh and it looked even better with that chocolate cake with ice cream!

Zoya Charla
I knew I want this perfect mermaid color but didn´t know whether to choose OPI Catch me in your net or Zoya Charla (my comparison of these two is here). My friend Day helped me by borrowing the OPI to write a review so I took Charla. I have it on now as I am typing. It will be one week now! and it still looks great. Just like the sea.

Hope you all had a great time too and I am eager to know what polishes you took or will be taking on your vacation! Let me know :)

Light Blue Creme Comparison

As I promised I bring you a compariosn of my three ligh blue creme polishes:

Ciaté Refresher
Sephora By OPI Havana Dreams
Hard Candy Sky

The OPI one is between the other two in terms of color but the worst in application. You will need about 3 - 4 coats. I think I love the Finger Paints most. So easy to apply, great brush and a beautiful color.

Hard Candy Sky

I have recently fell in love with light blue creme polishes. So this one is another of my latest hauls. I got it real cheap on ebay. I was scared about the application but no problems, two coats were just fine! Love the bottle and the silly plastic ring that goes with it. This has a bit more green than the other I own but don´t worry I will have a comparison for you :)

Essence Louise with China Glaze Joy

I got this Essence polish in a sale at my local drugstore and I am glad I did! Purple square and round glitter. I tried it on China Glaze Joy and the effect was so beautiful :) what do you think?

Nfu Oh 103

This is such a beautiful summer shade! I love it. So positive and fun! Applied like a dream, two coats :)

My 4th Of July Nails

I am sure you are asking yourself why am I doing this when I am not from the US :) well, just for fun and because I was asked to by a friend of mine. I used my Konad image plate M45 and again, didn´t use the image on the tips but a bit differently. I don´t have any konad special polish, so this was just with normal polish. Could have been better :)


Sephora By OPI Havana Dreams

My dear friend from was on a hunt for a polish similar to the Chanel blue powder nails from the unreleased Cruise Collection 2011 and found this beauty. You can have a look at the whole story and her beautiful swatches here. She was so kind that she sent  me a bottle to try out too :) I have to say that I love the color. Makes my nails look so nice! BUT the application was a mess. This polish is streaky and it took me four coats to cover. This is my first experience with Sephora By OPI polishes, I just hope not all of them are like this.