OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede

I am not into greens like this but this polish is special. It makes your nails look flawless! I loved the suede collection but didn´t pick this one. What a mistake. Glad I could at least try it and show you this swatch :) What I love about these polishes is that they dry quick. The downside is that you have tipwear after one or two days. Still wort it. One of the prettiest green polishes I have ever tried!

Zoya Lisa with Konad

When was the last time I showed you some Konad? I think it was ages ago :( I actually think that I did my last konad mani in summer. So to make up for it I did a quick and simple stamping over Zoya Lisa which I already had on for two days. I have to say one thing about Lisa (and the whole Flame Collection). I LOVE it. I think I have to buy a lot of back ups :)

Top 5 Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Nail Colors

Sexy Goth style
Favored by designers such as Sonia Rykiel black nails return for this season. To avoid returning into a total Rock babe, wear dark nails with school pieces like pleated skirts or oxford heels.

Fall style
When leaves change their color to chestnut and scarlet, why not do the same thing? At Bill Blass, models wore polish in a deep burnt rust, the perfect fall shade.

A perfected red
Instead of a cherry red, choose a sophisticated crimson polish in winter. As demonstrated at Derek Lam’s show, the alluring shade goes well with fall’s lace and tweed styles.

Pretty in deep pink
A pink nail polish made waves at Tracy Reese’s autumn show. Perfect for romantik dinner, a sheer polish offers a hint of pink without seeming too well-behaved.

Blue is autumn’s new neon
Backstage at a fashion week there was nary a neon nail to be found. Instead, inky midnight hues graced models’ fingertips, as we see at Paul & Joe.

New from Nicole by OPI

Just got this in my mail and I wanted to share with you this new collection. As always, let me know what you think about them :) Click on the pictures to see them full size.

Nicole by OPI Nails High-Impact Drama with New Liquid Metals Collection

Nicole by OPI ignites a mesmerizing look for the New Year with Liquid Metals. Featuring four new metallic Nail Lacquers ranging from shimmering sea foam to sophisticated champagne, Nicole by OPI’s Liquid Metals collection offers the season’s must-have accessory. The Liquid Metals collection from Nicole by OPI includes:

Miss Independent
A violet with a shine of its own.

The Next CEO
A highly motivated metallic gold.

Rich in Spirit
This metallic silvery blue-green is all you really need. 

It Starts with Me
A metallic champagne that channels your inner shine.

Liquid Metals will be available January 2011 at ULTA, Walmart, Target, Sears, Harmon, HEB and Wegmans.

OPI Funky Donkey with CND Sapphire Sparkle

You might think that Funky Donkey is just perfect on its own but you haven´t seen it with CND Sapphire Sparkle on top. This combination is amazing. On the picture is two coats of the OPI and one of CND. I think that Sapphire Sparkle has become one of my favourite CND effects. I want to put it on everything! :)

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

I already showed you how gorgeous cremes Deborah Lippmann makes but you NEED to try their glitters as well. My favourite glitter polish at the moment is Across The Universe. It looks absolutely stunning and I can guarantee you will be staring at your nails all day. I know you have seen this swatched a lot of times before but here is my swatch. This beauty deserves it. Look at all the glitter is is packed with! The application was easy, just make sure you spread the glitter evenly. Don´t forget to use the foil method to remove it :)
* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

CG Giveaway winner!

As promised I have the winner of my latest giveaway for you. I am sorry it took so long for me to count the entries.
So the winner is:


Congrats! I am so happy it is her who won the polishes because she has a great blog and I hope to see the polishes on her beautiful nails :)
Sorry to those who haven´t won and thank you for your entries. I will do another giveaway soon so you can try your luck next time. Love you <3

OPI You're a Doll!

Back from my vacation and ready to blog again :) I wanted to thank you for all your comments on my previous posts, I will catch on them later! This weekend I will announce the winner of my giveaway. I already know who it is, so watch out :)
But for now I wanted to show you this polish from OPI. You don´t see me swatching or wearing these kind of colors very often. Why? Well because I don´t like them very much. This one is no exception. It doesn´t look very pretty on me and it is sheer (you will need 3 - 4 coats). Still I know a lot of people who love it. Which group do you belong to?

Sparitual Dreams Becoming Reality

This is also from the Imagine Collection. It is a dark creme teal. I think that a creme teal is great for fall. The formula was very nice. I have two coats. I did a comparison with other teal cremes I have and didn´t find a dupe, so it is unique enough to own :)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Illamasqua DWS

A while ago I was searching for a perfect grey for me. I didn´t try many polishes (3-6) but what came out best is this one. Illamasqua DWS is interesting. It is not the kind of polish everyone will love as I think that it will not look nice with every skin tone. I like it. Grey is perfect for fall. This was two coats. Let me know what are your favourite greys, I will be happy for more inspiration :)

Color Club Tangerine Scream

What about something to cheer you up? :) Today I want to show you this beautiful bright orange neon polish from Color Club. I love to wear neons for fall/winter. They are so happy and remind me of the summer days I used to wear them. And a big thank to Kellie! She got me the whole set so stay tuned for more :)
I will be off for a week. I need a vacation :) Having a full time job and blogging is really hard but I love it. I have some posts planned for you. When I come back I will announce the winner of the giveaway, sorry it is taking so long.

OPI Funky Donkey

Wow, just look at it! Isn´t this just the perfect purple creme? Funky Donkey is from the Shrek Collection. This purple is just so pretty, it looks absolutely flawless. This was two coats.

SpaRitual Health, Wealth & Happiness

Here is another Sparitual from the latest fall collection called Imagine. This is my favourite from the whole collection! It is absolutely amazing and if you were to get only one Sparitual, you should have this. It is a dark blue with a purple flash. I have to say that I kept staring at my nails the whole day. It is a bit streaky and you need three coats but all is forgiven when you look at the color. LOVE!

Sparitual Living In The Moment

Today I have for you another Sparitual polish from their Imagine collection. And guess what? This one is also amazing! It is a grey creme with a hint of purple. It applied like a dream. This is two coats.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

I already wrote it...I am on a red wave now. It started two months ago and now red is the color I am wearing most of the time. I love reds! Today I want to show you another of my favourites. Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx has that perfect golden flash and looks amazing on the nails. Look at the golden shimmer on the close up. Beautiful! This was two coats.

A while ago, I asked you, my readers if you could help me find a red to match with my Pilgrim charm. Most of you suggested Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx. Kellie was so kind to send the polish to me. Isn´t she the sweetest thing? :) I promised to post pictures, so here it is. It is not the same but very close. The charm has more gold in it. Still, I love this polish. Thank you Kellie! You rock.

Zoya Flame Collection Winter 2010 - Video

As promised. Here is another video. I think it shows the colors really well. You will love them. I have Crystal on right now and it is amazing!
My swatches of this collection are here.

Zoya Flame Collection Winter 2010 - Swatches & Review

Today I want to show you the new collection from Zoya. It is called Flame and brings us six amazing polishes. Zoya is a brand which is hard for me to get but all the polishes I have from them are great, so I am always excited about new collections. I knew I would like this one since I saw the first promo pictures. But before I tell you my opinion on the whole collection, have a look at them one by one.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

This is a very pretty golden peach. I love the finish on all of these. It looks like glitter but is not, it is better to describe them as sparkle. This is two coats.

Gloria is a warm pink, again with gold :) It was opaque in three coats.

Crystal is a lighter blue with golden flecks. Look at the detail picture how beautiful it is! This was three coats.

I am wearing Lisa as a full mani right now and I love it. It a super bright red and it will be perfect for the Holidays! Love the sparkle finish. This was two coats.

The second red in this collection, it is darker than Lisa and has a bit more pink. I love it too. It was the first polish I tried as a full mani and got so many compliments on it. Two coats.

Yes, a purple! And what a beautiful one. This is nearly a one coater but two are better. I love the way it shines, just look at the colors in the bottle.

So this is it. The Zoya Flame Collection for winter 2010. I think that it is obvious from what I already wrote that I love the collection. When I look at it I think of all those christmas parties. If you choose any of these polishes you will shine! For me the winners are the reds, they are amazing and I already got a lot of compliments wearing them. And of course when there is a purple in a collection I am happy as can be. I love the finish these have. They look like glitters but the removal is without any problems. The coverage on these is also very good as most of them are two coaters. For me these are unique, I didn´t find any polishes that would be close to them in my collection so there will be no comparison posts with these.
You can order these already from Zoya.

Zoya Nail Polish colors are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor. 

I will be posting a video of these soon. I think it will be helpful. You will love them even more :) (edit: the video is here)
As always, I am curious to know what you think. Which colors will you get?

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.