China Glaze Fast Track from the Capitol Colours Collection 2012 - Swatches and Review

My second polish from this collection is Fast Track. I like it more than Agro :) Fast Track has a beige base and golden flecks, which I absolutely love. I love to look at the close-up of this polish. On the pictures I used two thicker coats. If you use thinner coats you might go with three for full coverage. I still don´t know what to think about this new collection from China Glaze. Thinking if there are any polishes which I should actually buy. What do you think? Any recommendations?

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China Glaze Agro from the Capitol Colours Collection 2012 - Swatches and Review

I do not have the whole collection to show you this time, only two polishes. The first one is Agro which is a deep olive green shimmer. Formula was great, it covers in two coats. Not really my type of colour I must say.   I can say that about the whole collection. Not really liking the colours from the swatches I have seen so far :( But that does not matter, I am still blown away by the absolutely amazing spring collection from China Glaze.

I also did a quick comparison of Agro (A) and China Glaze Peace On Earth (POE). As you can see Agro is darker but they are from the same colour family :) Both are two coats here.

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

Misa Precious Moments Collection Spring 2012 - Swatches and Review

Although the weather outside is still freezing and snowy I can´t wait for spring to come. I already ordered two new dresses, new shoes and I am hoping spring will come fast :) Well at least I get to try these spring collections, which are beautiful this year. Today I want to show you the Misa spring collection called Precious Moments.

Misa says: "What better time to celebrate the best that life has to offer with the collection of baby-soft pastel polishes in Misa Cosmetics’ latest collection, Precious Moments? These six tender muted shades, perfectly aligned with spring 2012’s biggest nail trends—neutrals and creams—will ensure that nails keep up with the times while paying homage to the experiences that remain in our memories forever."

This is a creme beige with a hint of pink. Very elegant and works safe polish. Two coats.

Muted grey creme. I really like the greys Misa makes. Two coats.

I think this is my favourite of the collection. It is a muted lilac and I can´t remember if I have anything like it. Might try to do a comparison. So pretty! Two coats.

I am sure this pink jelly would look lovely on shorter nails but it does not on mine. I used three coats here and there is still visible nail line. 

Is is possible to have enough mint polishes? I don´t think so and I am happy to welcome Little Hands to my collection. Great coverage in just two coats.

This is a muted light pink. I like it, it looks so innocent. Perfect for spring. I think it would also look lovely with some black lace konad. Two coats.

After all the dark polishes I have been wearing lately I am so ready for a spring change and I am glad I have these polishes. Misa did a lovely spring collection. It is delicate full of neutral colours. Most of these are cremes which have all great coverage in two coats. The formula is a bit thicker but not in a bad way, they are just not runny or watery. As I said the jelly is nothing for me but you out there love jellies, I know :)
Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

China Glaze Long Kiss

So this is my NOTD. I love wearing reds before Christmas but now I tend to wear more spring colours thinking that it might make spring come faster :) But when Long Kiss came I had to wear it as a full mani. It is gorgeous and has great coverage, which I always like. It is opaque in almost one coat (I used two for this swatch). 

China Glaze Thataway

I hope you are not bored with these older China Glaze polishes. I am not, it is just amazing to discover all the shades. Some of them I have never heard of and it is such a pity. Just look at this beauty here. Thataway is a beautiful orange with gold shimmer. It looks very bright in direct sunlight. My pictures are as always indoor daylight. Perfect in two coats and no application problems :)

China Glaze Tempest

My new nail polish love :) This is just so pretty. Tempest is an older China Glaze, the formula is not perfect. It is a bit watery and streaky in the first coat but the second makes it better and the third perfect. I love the purple in this blue. 

Nicole By OPI Wear Something Spar-Kylie

I think I am almost done with the Kardashian collection. I have to admit that I found much more polishes that I actually like than I expected. Today I am showing you Wear Something Spar-Kylie which is not one of my favourites, I like brighter colours for glitters. This is three coats.

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Nicole By OPI All Kendall-Ed Up

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I was sick in the past few days, then too much work and now I am so happy to relax, I don´t want to do anything the whole weekend. It is freezing here in Central Europe, so I thought a nice pink could cheer it up. It is a nice pink, however I feel that I have already seen it a couple of times. Nothing so special. Two coats. 

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company

China Glaze Scarlet

So many reds from China Glaze that I yet have to discover. This is another one. Two coats on the pictures..