Color Club Indulgence Collection from the Untamed Luxury 2010 - Swatches and Review

Today I want to show you another fall collection that I was very curious about. Color Club has prepared for us a huge collection consisting of fourteen new shades. I usually try to show you the collections all at once but this time I had to split it into two. The second part is coming soon. Today I have for you the first part which is called the Indulgence Collection and consists of seven shades from very light to almost black. Enough talking, lets have a look at the colors one by one.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

This is a very pretty shade. A grey silver. I actually had this shade on my graduation day. I am wearing two coats here.

Grey with silver shimmer. Looks like a rainy fall day. Two coats. Might remind you of Orly Pixie Dust but this one is more grey.

A darker taupe creme. I like this one very much! The application was great and I think it is a perfect shade for fall. Two coats.

Not very much my kind of color but I still want to wear it. It is interesting :) Beige grey creme, hard to describe. This was three coats.

Now come the darker shades and this one is amazing!  It is very well pigmented and you could go with just one coat. A very deep bronze shimmer. I know I would love this in summer too!

Similar to the previous except for the color, this is a dark brownish red. Very pretty rich color. Two coats.

Very popular shade this fall. Now that I have all of them at home I will do a comparison for you. I love shades like this. Deep purple vampy creme, almost black. Two coats again.

Overall I think this collection is very pretty. I find the shades very fall like and chic. I can see myself wearing all of them. The formula was very good as always from Color Club. Now let me know, what do you think about the first part of the Untamed Luxury Collection? Which shades are you getting?

These are already available in stores.

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