Estee Lauder Lush Rose and Cherry Kiss Lipstick Swatches

Don´t worry...I am still a nail polish blog, I just sometimes need to show you cosmetics too :) This time I want to show you two Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre lipsticks.

I bought these in a sale on a while ago. I couldn´t find many swatches on the net so I am posting these pictures, maybe they will help somebody. One was for about ten dollars which is a great deal (they cost 32 dollars in my country). Both of them are a limited edition for Valentines day so they have a really cute “L♥VE” logo on the front and on the back of the lipstick.

Both of them are hydrating which is great if your lips tend to dry but of course they don´t last as long as dryer types of lipstick. I still like both of them very much and if there will be another sale, I will buy other shades too :)