Clarins 230

Like most nail polish addicts I wanted to own Clarins 230 from the first time I heard about it. When you google it up and look at pictures you will not stop thinking about it. This polish is amazing but also hard to find. This is a post about my little bottle...

The only place you can still find some bottles is ebay but they come no cheaper than 50 dollars and more. Now this is a price I am not willing to spend. But one day I found a bottle of Clarins 230 together with other polishes and made a real deal on it. If you are still on a hunt then don´t give up!
As I said, you can see hundreds of pictures of this beauty on google. Most of them are over a base color so I wanted to show you just the polish itself. Now it is very sheer and you would need at least five coats to get the bottle color. I am showing you three coats on the pictures. As you can see, like this the polish is nothing special.

The reason why it is better on a base color is because you can use just one coat, so you don´t waist your unicorn pee and because it looks much better. I am sure you were eager to see some breath taking pictures and sorry to let you down but on its own Clarins 230 is nothing to go wow about. But I do promise to show it to you over other polishes! So stay tuned.