Sorbets Over White

In my previous post I showed you the new OPI Texas Collection. I loved the sorbets but didn´t like the VNL much. I said I will try them over creme polishes and today I want to show you how they look over a white creme. As you can see the more coats, the brighter the color. They still look juicy and I think this is the way I will be wearing them. I know it is a little extra work but I love how they look. If you don´t mind VNL then you don´t have to bother :)
I am showing you how the color builds up, so you can see how it looks after one coat, two coats and then with three coats. The polishes I used here were: Guy Meets Gal-veston (GMG), Big Hair...Big Nails (BHBN), Too Hot Pink To Hold ´Em (THPTHE) and Do You Think I´m Texy (DYTIT).