Essence Hello Holo

So I did it again...I went to my local drugstore to shop for more Essence. The problem is that I am on a no buy and there were so many things I wanted to buy! I wanted the magnetic polishes, new colors. But I was brave and walked only with this beauty. This is an amazing holo glitter. I used it on a silver base and on the pictures are two coats. More would be even better :) Great thing about this holo is that you can see the effect even in shade, not much but it is there.

In the sun it goes just crazy! I love the effect it does and I will for sure be rocking this polish in summer.

I don´t know why but my pictures are just crap and I can´t capture the holo effect. So I made a little video for you so that you can see how cool this is. What do you think?