Essence Mystic Mermaid

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend of mine, also a nail polish blogger. You can imagine that it was hard to resist and I had to buy more polishes. The new Essence products are awesome. They might look boring in the bottle but with a closer look you will see that they are not boring at all. The best are the Special Effect Toppers (I already showed you Hello Holo). For example Time for looks like a boring white in the bottle but it is very close if not a dupe to Illamasqua Prism, one of my favourite layering polishes! You should get that one. But today it will be about Mystic Mermaid:

Again, it is a layering polish. I used it on a dark purple and the effect was amazing. A bit like the CND sparkle effects but more intense. This is one coat, it applies evenly. In the bottle there is a lot of silver, some turquoise and even a bit of pink. On the nail the effect depens on what base color you choose. I can´t wait to try it on other colors! What do you think?