CND Pink Wishes Colour & Effects Duo - Swatches and Review

I am always excited when CND comes out with their small little collections. There is always one polish from the Colour range which is a creme and one Effect which is a shimmer or sparkle. Their latest duo is called Pink Wishes and it is a limited edition.

CND says: "Every October, people all over the world come together to celebrate and give strength to brave women fighting breast cancer.  To embrace the spirit of unity, wear your pride on your fingers and toes with CND's Pink Wishes Colour & Effects Duo."

This is a semi-sheer milky pink. Such an innocent color. The formula is a bit thinner on this one than I am used to from CND. When applying be careful not to use too thick layers as the polish tends to "pool" around your cuticles. This is three coats on the picture.

The effect is pearlescent. It makes that hidden shimmer effect. That is why it is not very visible on my pictures but believe me, it looks much better in person. I love it.

Here is a macro shot of the bottle to give you a better idea of the effect:

I don´t wear light pink cremes much but with the effect I love the way this duo looks. I can´t wait to try the effect over other colours and over black. So tell me what you think of this nice cute little set?

Suggested retail price:  $20.00 US / $25.00 Canada
Available for a limited time only in salons and professional beauty supply stores.  For locations, visit .

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