Color Club Back To Boho Fall 2011 Collection - Swatches and Review

I got these yesterday and I couldn´t wait to share them with you! Today is the first day that actually has fall weather, so it is just in time for this beautiful collection from Color Club. There are twelve polishes divided into two sets as usual. The first six swatches are the A and the rest is the B set. Here they are:

A perfect beige that goes well with my skin tone. This is a great work-safe colour. Two coats.

On the other hand, this colour does not go well with my skin tone. It looked nice in the bottle but not on my nails. Two coats.

I love these minty greens, never enough of them. This is nothing new though. I might do a comparison if you would like to. The formula was a bit thicker than on the rest and I had some streaks so don´t do very thick coats otherwise you might have some application problems. Nothing serious though. Two coats.

A dusty light periwinkle. Beautiful shade. Two coats.

Love! This is one of my favourites! I don´t know why but I fell in love with these kinds of colours lately. They are absolutely perfect for fall. I also loved the formula on this one, it was just perfect. Two coats.

A darker bloody red. Not that kind of bright reds that we see in winter collections. Great coverage. Two coats.

For me the problem child of the collection. The colour is pretty but that is about everything. The brushstrokes are so visible, no matter how hard I tried to apply the polish carefully. Three coats.

Another beauty that makes up for the previous one :) I would describe it as a red toned bronze with green shimmer, but I think it is the best if you look at the close-up picture (talking about that I have a little poll in the top right corner, would love to know what you think). I don´t think I have anything like this in my nail polish collection. Very special polish and absolutely perfect for fall. Two coats.

Another winner for me. Looks beautiful on nails. Two coats.

A dark green but not so much to look like black.Two coats.

Beautiful dark blue jelly. It looks almost black most of the time. What is great about this one is its formula and coverage. It is perfect. However I have to warn you that it does stain, so remove carefully. Two coats.

This looked black to me in the bottle but one you apply it on the nail you see the brown base. I think this is my darkest brown polish. Two coats again.

I don´t know why but I seem to underestimate a lot of collections lately. They don´t appeal to me from the promo pictures but once I have the chance to try them out I totally change my opinion. This collection is the same case. Of course even after swatching them I know that it is not super unique but I don´t mind at all. It is a typical fall collection with some amazing shades that I already fell in love with. I also want to point out the great formula which was on most of these. I had problems only with Boho Mojo and that is also the only three coater of the collection. My favourites are Noveau Vintage, Rad Nomad, Blue-Topia and New Bohemian. Which are yours and what are your thoughts about this collection? Would love to hear!
If you have any comparison requests, please feel free to write them in the comments.

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