Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

You can see a lot of festive manis and typical holiday colors in these days, so I decided to show you something different today. But it still is a Christmas themed post! I got this polish from my friend Day. She is also a nail polish blogger and it is great to have someone who understands my passion for nail polish. Be sure to have a look at her blog here and thank you once again Day!
Now to the polish. This polish is named after the queen of nail polish blogging Srangie, she has been a lot of inspiration for me :) I wanted this polish really bad for a long time but RBL is impossible to get in my country. It looks like magic in the bottle, as you can see from the right picture. It also covers really nice, two coats were just fine. I am really very happy to have this polish in my collection. Purple with blue shimmer is an awesome combination!