Sparitual Sacred Ground

First of all I want to thank you for all your support in 2011 and wish you a Happy New Year 2012. The previous year has been awesome for me and for AllYouDesire. I hope bring some changes to this blog but only for the good. I want to bring more NOTDs, treatment reviews or just articles about blogging and photography. I hope it will be fun and I can´t wait :) Of course there will also be reviews of the newest collections and I hope to bring them faster than in the past few months. For today I want to show you this beauty from Sparitual from the fall 2011 Wilde Collection. I won´t even try to describe it, just look at the pictures. It was easy to apply and covered in only two coats.

První příspěvek v novém roce je tenhle nádherný kousek od Sparitual. Je z loňské podzimní kolekce Wilde. Barva se těžko popisuje, myslím, že fotky mluví za vše. Lakoval se úplně bez problémů, stačily mi dvě vrstvy.