China Glaze ElectroPop Collection Spring 2012 - Swatches and Review

I am so so happy that I got the opportunity to show you this collection. Actually this is exactly what I needed. The weather outside is chilly, it is raining with snow, windy and I am sick. And then comes the postman with a box of these beauties. Now you can imagine how these cheered me up. So here they are, my swatches of the China Glaze spring collection 2012 called ElectroPop...all twelve of them:

As the name says this is a fuchsia. It is a bright creme and covers in two coats. Very juicy looking.

A coral pink creme. I really like the description of China Glaze on this: "party coctail tropical punch". This was two coats too. 

Make Some Noise is almost a red. It leans between orange, coral and red.

Super sweet bubble gum pink. This is just so girly and absolutely perfect for spring. I don´t wear pinks much but I love this one. Two coats.

A light lilac creme but not too light to look white. I love it. It looks so pure and clean. I have some clothes in this colour and I can´t wait for spring to come and me matching it with this polish! 

Yes, yes, yes...another purple and what a beautiful one! Look at the subtle shimmer it has. Thank you China Glaze for making this polish. I am in love with it. Oh I say it too many times with this collection but the polishes are just so pretty. Two coats.

Beautiful periwinkle creme. Perfectness in two coats.

Light baby blue. Very innocent and spring looking. Another polish I can´t wait to wear. Two coats.

This was the first polish I painted my nails with. It was my NOTD today. I don´t have to tell you why, do I? Just look at it. Isn´t it just a perfect turquoise creme? Might be my favourite one now. Two coats.

Bright grass green creme. I don´t like greens much but this is so positive I can imagine wearing it on a sunny spring day. Two coats.

Another very positive colour. This bright yellow has shimmer. If you are careful enough you can go with just two coats. If not use a third one to even up the layers. However considering it is a yellow the application was very good. Not too many problems. Two coats.

Techno is the only glitter polish in the collection. It has a clear base with big hexagonal and small round glitter. The glitter is holographic and makes a beautiful effect. To give you an idea I swatched it over four polishes of the collection. It spreads very evenly and is easy to apply. On the picture I used one coat. 

 Wow! Now I don´t even remember the last time I was so much in love with a collection. There is not a single colour I wouldn´t wear or wouldn´t like. The collection as a whole looks fantastic, you can´t be mistaken that it is a spring collection. I think the choice of colours is very nice. What I liked most is the formula on these. They were perfect, easy no apply, not streaky and covered all in two coats. I think I can´t wish for more from a collection. I heard some people say that it is too similar to an older China Glaze Collection Up and Away. I don´t think so, they are different but of course as spring collections they might seem similar. 
Now what are my favourites? It is so hard to choose but if I would have to name a few I must say that Aquadelic, Gothic Lolita, Dance Baby, Kinetic Candy, Techno...oh I could continue. So overall this collection really cheered me up and I like it a lot. I would love to hear your thoughts now...

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company