Pure lemon juice will protect hands from becoming coarse if you regularly work in a garden or a kitchen garden. It is recommended to rub hands with a lemon juice or a squeezed lemon. Even after massaging your hands with squeezed lemon pulp will make your skin soft and will "erases" potato, vegetables and fruit stains out of your fingers.

Lemon can remove nicotine stains from fingers. You should wipe fingers with a pumice to moisten with lemon juice three times a day for some days. A lemon helps to get rid of humidity and disposition to sweating. One has to carefully wash and wipe hands with a mix of 5 parts of alcohol and 1 part of a lemon juice not less than three times every day.

If your nails are fragile it means lack of vitamin C and calcium in organism. To have strong nails it is recommended to use more milk products, carrots, tomato juice and to wipe nails with lemon juice. Your nails will become stronger and shining. However, do not overuse lemon juice. It can provoke chinks on your nails.