Nail Fungus. How to Get Rid of It Fast.

Fungus can appear on nails. If you have fake nails over your real nails, you risk to have fungi. So, if your solution to prevent nail fungi from developing is to wear fake nails, it will not work at all. Acrylic nails will only hide the fungus, but it cannot stop it from developing.

If fungi are growing in your nails, you will be glad to know that nail fungi are treatable, and there are several methods by which you can get rid of them. One of the best ways to effectively treat nail fungus, if you are having acrylic nails on top of your real nails, is to remove your acrylic nails first. Remember that you can not treat the fungus with an ointment or cream if it is hidden behind your artificial nails. Once you have done so, you will need to cut your real nails as short as possible so that you can apply an antifungal agent on the affected nails.

You can also take doctor-prescribed medications or go for alternative medicines. Reportedly, there are quite a lot of plants that have powerful antifungal properties. If you’d rather go for this option, then you should start looking for plants with tea-tree oil because tea-tree oil not only has excellent antifungal properties, but it also works well as an antibacterial or antiviral. Alternative meds for nail fungus are natural, and they often come in topical preparations.

Before beginning any treatment, however, be sure that what you are suffering from is really nail fungus and not something else. There are some other disorders of the nails that may exhibit similar characteristics as nail fungi, so, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist to be sure that you are applying the right treatment.