Gel Nails. How To Make Your Nails Great-Looking.

Gel nails are a hot topic today — especially in European countries. As a matter of fact, most salons in Europe now offer to their clients gel nails enhancement.
Gel nails have big advantages over acrylic nails. Gel nails are lightweight, odorless, flexible, clear, and more natural looking. So, if you want an immediate solution to nice nails, gel nails is definitely it!

A gel nails kit typically consists of the basic manicure set, such as buffers, files, tips, and so on, UV light, gel brushes, gels, gel cleansers, and gel wipes. Gel nails is not easy to make, but it is a technique that can be easily learned.

Gel nails can be used in full nail or tip overlays. They can also be shaped to form nail extensions. Likewise, gel nails can be used to protect the damaged edges of the nails as they grow out.

First, prep your nails, and apply tips if you so desire. Then, apply a thin coat of gel over the nails, and cure. Apply another coat of gel, but this time, add the arches as well; cure once more. Apply a third coat of gel, adding more arches, then cure. Now, clean your nails, shape them according to your preferences, and buff them till they are smooth. Polish your nails, or apply a gloss coat over them.

Achieving a perfect set of nails can be difficult to achieve and maintain, but with gel nails you can have beautiful, natural-looking nails in an instant.