Some Quick Nails Care Advices

  • Removing Fake Nails In order to get rid of fake nails, you have to soak your nails in an acitone based nail polish remover until the fake nails peel off. If you try to get rid of them other ways, you may ruin your nails. Using fake nails will damage your nails but removing them incorrectly will make the damage much worse. Soaking is the only solution!
  • Removing Fake Nails
  • Ii is always suggested to go to a nail salon and have them soak the artificial nails off. They use acetone or a nail polish remover that has acetone in it. The technician can watch to make sure that you don’t soak too long and help you remove the nails. If you must do it yourself, then I suggest you purchase a polish remover that has acetone and a conditioner. You will need to soak them for a while and then gently peak the product off your nails.
  • Artificial Nail Help
    If you consistently wear artificial nails it is recommended that you remove them and let your real nails breathe every three to six months. Your real nail is damaged and experts agree that they need at least one week to breathe.
  • Feet Pampering
    After a long day on your feet they can ache. An inexpensive at home remedy is to soak your feet in a specially formulated foot soak. You can purchase this item almost anywhere. From Wal-Mart to your cosmetic store. Bath and Body Works has some excellent scents to choose from and they often have coordinating products to compliment your choice of foot soak.
  • Quick Fix For Torn Nail
  • Occasionally I will get a small tear in my natural nail and until recently I thought there was nothing I could do but kiss my nail goodbye. I found a quick fix brush on nail glue specifically to mend and repair small tears in nails. It is applied like nail polish and can not be seen under even clear nail polish or over nail polish either. It bonds the tear so your nail can keep growing without tearing off. This is a nail kit must.
  • Dry Hands
    If you have dry hands try this moisturizing trick. You will need a pair of inexpensive rubber gloves and a creamy rich lotion (glycerine based are very good). Cover your hands in lotion (don´t be stingy), rubbing it in and put the gloves on. The gloves will make your hands slightly warmer and the longer you wear the gloves the more moisture your hands receive. I usually leave them on for thirty minutes then rub in what lotion I can and remove the rest with a towel.
  • Applying Multiple Coats
    When you apply multiple coats of polish it is a good idea to wait thirty minutes for each coat to dry before applying the next coat. Even if it is advertised as a 2 minute dry time polish. This allows each coat to set and bond with the previous coat. It is especially important for the first coat to bond to your nail.
  • Fill In Tip
    When you go to have your fill-ins, while your nail technician has your polish off it is a good idea for you to look and see if there is any discoloration under the artificial nail. There have been many cases where women did not know that there was a nail fungus underneath their fingernails until serious damage had been done. Always check, nail fungus can cause serious problems and cause infections in your nail bed if left untreated.
  • Stregthening Nails
    To strengthen your nails, there are a couple of products out there: SCIENTIFIQUE and Natural NailTM Protein Treatment. You apply it to your nail tips and it helps bond nails and strengthens them. I haven’t tried them personally but I have heard good reports.