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Biting Your Nails Makes The Grow Faster

Nails Tip
Not that this will help with your nail biting problem, but I thought that I would share this little bit of information out of interest if nothing else... Apparently biting your nails makes them grow faster. You don't realize this obviously as the biting seems to ruin the effect...

A Few Things That Will Help
*Short Nail Beds

We are born with the nails that we have, there is nothing you can do about it... to a point. I happen to have short nail beds and the best colors for my nails are soft colors. Lavender makes them look longer, so be sure to stock up on this gorgeous color.

*Removing Polish

First of all, look for an acetone-free polish remover, which by the way, will not dry out your nails. Saturate a cotton pad and then press onto the polished nail.
several seconds and then draw the pad to the tip of the nail. Polish should come off with one stroke. The few seconds we give the polish remover is long enough to dissolve the polish and you are done in half the time.

*Saving The Nails

It is really easy to pick up some bad beauty habits and some of them might be costing you pretty nails. For a day, keep track of how often you use your nails as tools. Chances are you do so more often than you realize. Keep your list in front of you so that you will slowly begin to break the habits. It can be done... but you have to know about them first.

*Is This What Your Nails Are Craving?

If your nails are weak, splitting, fragile etc, the problem could be traced back to an inadequate water intake. Most people don't drink nearly enough. How much water do you really drink over the course of a day?