Illamasqua Gimp

It has been ages since I last showed you something else than nail polish. I hope it is okay if I do a makeup post from time to time. I don´t feel like an expert in makeup (nor in nail polish) but it is fun to play with colors. I will just show you products that are special for me. One of them is Illamasqua Gimp, the perfect smokey eye eyeshadow. It is a matte powder dark gray (almost black) eyeshadow. It is very pigmented and is very easy to blend and work with. I really love it and it is my favourite eyeshadow to create the smokey eye. Pair it with a sexy red lipstick and red nail polish (Illamasqua Alarm would be great) and you will look amazing!
For today I did something else than a classic smokey eye. I paired Gimp with Urban Decay Peace. It makes the eye pop out and shows the blue color of my eye :) Hope you like it.