Chanel Peridot - Review and Swatches

I know you have already seen this polish a hundred times. If it is boring please wait for my next post :) For me this was the most expensive polish of this year so I will make this post worth it! Most times I can´t justify so much money for one polish. Well my local Sephora had a 20% sale so I couldn't wait longer and bought Chanel Peridot from this year´s fall collection. Here are my swatches:

Peridot is a beautiful duochrome of green and gold. It shines like crazy as you can see on my pictures which are without sun or flash. I still can´t believe I bought a green polish for so much money! Me? A purple lover that doesn't like green much :) But I just couldn't resist, it is gorgeous:

I love the way it changes depending on what angle you look at it...

I tried to find a dupe in my collection but already knew that I have nothing like this (which was one of the reasons why I justified the price for this polish). The closest I could get was China Glaze Peace On Earth (POE) but they are very different as you can see on this comparison:

I have to admit that I wasn't sure about this polish when I bought it and I was a bit scared I wouldn't like it. But the moment I painted it on my nails, I fell in love! What do you think about Peridot? Must have or a overhyped polish?