Orly Galaxy Girl vs Urban Decay Bruise

I don´t have any other polishes in my collection that would be so similar to a polish from the new Cosmic FX collection from Orly like I showed you last time. But still I want to show you these two. Urban Decay Bruise is a discontinued polish still available on ebay for a good price. Some of you might also think of Misa Embroidered Emerald. I don´t have that one but if you go over to jellynat she made a beautiful comparison of the Misa and Urban Decay. If you like the shade but want an extra bling I recommend you go for Galaxy Girl. I love it. As you can see from my comparison these two polishes are similar in color but not in the finish. Three coats of each.
P.S. if you want to match your polish and eyeshadow go for MAC pigment in Blue Brown. It is one of my favourites!