A Solution For Those Who Have Troublesome Toenails

This is a quite interesting new product for anyone who might not have enough time to get a toe-job, or for those people who have troublesome toenails. This product is from Kiss, who has a great line of manicure and pedicure supplies - and these are press-on toenails in a beautiful French (this time) Pedicure color. I have seen many a troubled toenail in my days - the worst problems had by different sport games players. Bruised, lost, mangled - all these problems can be covered up temporarily with these new Product. They come in two tones - one for warm and one for cool skin colors.

Twenty four pre-glued stick on toe nails in 10 sizes (doubled popular sizes) to give you the perfect pedicure. Even for the little tiny toenail. You can just apply and wear for a night or up to three days. Fast, simple and safe on natural toenails.

Easy to apply and remove. No glue needed for night or up to 3 days. Removed with water.