Finger Nails

Finger Nails:
-Yellow Nails - Soak your nails in one-fourth cup of bleach mixed with one-half cup of water.
-Not Quite Dry - Coat wet nails with cuticle oil and cover your nails with plastic wrap.

-Polish Smudge - Moisten the pad of your finger with polish remover and tap lightly to smooth it out.
-Chipped Polish - Moisten your finger with polish remover and quickly swipe over the chipped area to smooth out the edges.
-Broken Nail - If the break isn’t too low, carefully cut the nail, file it, and trim the other nails so they’re of equal length. For a big break apply a couple of drops of nail glue to the surface of the nail. Let set and hold the break in place for about a minute. Reapply glue and cover the nail with a piece of tea bag or tissue. Let dry, and then buff excess off.